Whether for budget reasons, to cut classes to family needs, reduce the list of guests, or simply by taste of adventure, you may want to get married in a small committee abroad. More and more couples are choosing to break free from conventions and opt for a union far from their country of residence. But how to organize a wedding in complete privacy abroad? Who to invite ? By organizing a wedding abroad, the list of your guests is often reduced compared to a more traditional wedding. The costs and

When we decide to get married, the question of the budget arrives very quickly. Usually, lovers take the problem in the wrong way, wondering how much they will have to spend to celebrate their wedding. This is not the first time I will mention here, but a wedding does not cost anything, that’s what we put around which increase more or less the note. So, the starting point for this budget discussion should be this  question :  how much can  we spend for this day so that we do not

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