An industrial and boho wedding in a warehouse

Un mariage industriel et boho dans un entrepôt - Photos : Pinewood Weddings - Blog mariage : La mariée aux pieds nus

We love this incredible industrial wedding with boho accents of Fanni and Zoli, celebrated in a warehouse in Budapest and immortalized by Pinewood Weddings that you will meet on Saturday, February 9th, at the tenth edition of the wedding festival Love ETC.

Fanni tells us more about their wedding … “We knew it even before celebrating our engagement: for our wedding, we wanted to celebrate in a special way this day, with lots of personal details, surrounded by our loved ones, and in a rather familial atmosphere, aesthetics and style were very important to both of us – Fanni is a wedding photographer, Zoli is an architect – and we wanted our wedding to be alternative, industrial, festive and neat even.”

“It was clear to us from the first visit that we felt most comfortable in an urban environment, which is why we chose Anker’t, which, on a daily basis, functions like a ruin bar in the center of the city. Budapest, its industrial style was a perfect base to realize our concepts, and as I have been evolving in the world of marriage for a few years now, the chosen service providers have been among our circle of friends “

“The romantic choice of the dress was the counterpoint of the place full of character, almost dilapidated chosen. Zoli adapted the choice of his suit to the wedding dress : a checked jacket and a straw hat. We created the concept of decoration with our friends, and the Wild Flower Bar team : their taste and relevance have always had a great impact on us.We have determined the main trend in earth colors, aligning with the brown colors of the place. Our common passion is macrame, so it was a must. “

“For the flowers, we gave them carte blanche : we knew they fully understood our ideas, and we know how each creative can create the most beautiful if we let it go freely. We entered the venue on D-day, we were completely surprised because the decoration exceeded all our expectations. “

“The photo and the video were particularly important to us, we wanted to work with Eni and Levi – we have been doing their work for a long time and we were very happy when they accepted our request because we were sure that our wedding would be immortalized perfectly. We enjoyed and followed their advice. ”

“For us the most important of all the wedding was the moment of the ceremony, because we wished it to be like us. We could not imagine being united by a stranger, so we wrote two long texts of wishes and we have ask Zoli’s childhood friend to be our ceremonial officiant – it was a difficult task for him, but ultimately it was an amazing experience for everyone, memorable and moving. “


Photo and video : Pinewood Weddings | Decoration : The wild flower bar | Wedding cake : Egycsipettorta | MUA: Sara skrionya makeup | Dress : Balint Sara | Table decoration : Dresstheday weddinghire | Venue : Ankert Budapest | Hat : Vecseimillinery | Calligraphy : The fanatic calligrapher | Bride accessories : Amarnam wedding accessories* | Officiant : Kondorjozsicm

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