How to organize a successful EVJF?

Comment organiser un EVJF réussi ?  - Conseils et idées sur le blog mariage : La mariée aux pieds nus

You have been designated a witness of the bride! In addition to your unwavering support throughout the preparations for the wedding and of course your important role on D-Day, you will probably be responsible for organizing the bachelorette party! To help you avoid beginner mistakes, we have prepared a list of do’s and don’ts to make sure you have the perfect EVJF!

the role of witness

Manage the participants, define a date, hold a schedule, establish the budget, launch a pot, choose the activities, contact the service providers are so many roles that you must master to be certain that this day runs smoothly, and remains for the bride a very good memory.

Where to start ?

The first thing to do is to contact the other witness if there is to begin to gather your ideas of activities. To do this, make a list of participants, contact them and determine a price range for the budget.

limit activities

Remember, if the girls participating in the EVJF do not lack ideas, you will have to impose and limit the number of activities. Believe us, a marathon weekend is anything but nice for an EVJF! So, think of providing time to chat and simply enjoy this nice moment.

a welded group

For the lucky ones who belong to a group of girlfriends where everyone already knows each other very well, you can go directly to the next paragraph, but for the others, it is important to create a group cohesion. Team spirit and complicity between the participants are the key to a successful EVJF.

and the budget?

Question budget, the price can quickly ignite, especially if you are planning a bachelor party abroad. So, as you were told above, do not forget to ask each one his maximum budget and then work your brain to find nice ideas respecting the prize pool. Small budgets can for example organize a brunch at one of the girls, rather than go to the restaurant, choose a DIY activity (a special quiz EVJF which you will find many examples on the web) and end with an evening pajamas, a com rom and a huge salad bowl of popcorn.

The tastes of the bride

To avoid big disappointments, ask the future bride to draw up her list of forbidden activities, or in which she would be really uncomfortable and do not forget to think about the special situations of the other members of the group if necessary (pregnant women, allergies, phobias etc …).

15 activity ideas for the EVJF of a future bride

a bartending class
a pole dance class
a weekend in a cute city in Europe ( Amsterdam, Lisbonne, Berlin, Londres…)
a day chill brunch option, movie sitting in the living room, cocktails and popcorn
a common course of…nude drawing
a boat party
a karaoké night
an escape game
a friends photoshoot ( with Epouse moi cocotte of course ! )
a DiY class
a parachute jump
a burlesque stripping lesson
a day at the spa
a trip to the casino
a wine route and oenology course

In short, if we were to give you only one tip, it would be: HAVE FUN, play all the game and enjoy thoroughly to make this EVJF, an unforgettable moment for all your friends!

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