A vow renewal in Marocco

They met at the hospital during their studies, and knew at first sight that they were made for each other. After a wedding in small committee 10 years ago and three children, these two lovers decided to take advantage of their nuptials to renew their vows, surrounded by their friends and family, in Morocco, in front of the lens of the duo of Pinewood Weddings

“We get married in 2008. At the time, we did not want a traditional wedding: we were still students, a big classical wedding did not fit us in. We did the most simple things in the world: a wedding only in the presence of our witnesses and our brothers.

With time, ideas evolve, and opinions change. It is by celebrating the weddings of our different friends, seeing their loved ones together, happy to celebrate together the love of a couple, that we realized that we regret not having celebrated our wedding with our friends and our family. That’s how the idea came to organize a party for our 10 years of marriage. We knew right away that we would not be doing a traditional wedding. After all, we were already married, we had lived together for 16 years, we had 3 children! It was obvious that we would move towards something unconventional …”

The preparations

“We decided to organize a weekend in Marrakech, it really made sense for us: Tarik is Moroccan, and we love this city, where we often go: there is something magical, an incredible energy … We wanted an oriental atmosphere, while staying away from traditional Moroccan ceremonies: something very simple, in our image.

Very quickly we realized that the place of the ceremony would be essential. We wanted something simple, but also dream of a place out of the ordinary … During one of our stays in Marrakech for the preparation of the wedding we discovered what we were looking for: it was a guest house hidden in an oasis, in the heart of Agaffay dessert, about 1 hour drive from Marrakech. The place is wonderful and is very aptly named: the break. We fell in love … It really feels that time is suspended, there is no telephone network, no electricity … it calls for serenity. The few buildings of the place blend in perfectly with nature, next to traditional Berber tents. A small pool offers a welcome coolness in the shade of olive trees … We knew exactly what we wanted, a simple and refined celebration: no special decoration, no flowers either (it seemed a nonsense in the dessert) . We chose to make the most of the charm of the place of the ceremony, lost in nature, very simple, as well as the authentic and minimalist decor of the place.

We were not very numerous, and everyone could be accommodated on site, in Berber luxury tents or real rooms. This reinforced the feeling of living together a special experience, a time out of time. For meals, we trusted the break, which is a famous table d’hôte. The Moroccan cuisine is delicious, but the cooks of La Pause have outdone themselves… and the dinner was beyond our expectations. We opted for a buffet, without a table plan, so that everyone could feel free to move, and encourage exchanges between guests. Although large French bakery houses are present in Marrakech, we decided not to make a piece. To stay in the tone of this very simple wedding we preferred Moroccan pastries of course! The mint tea served in the middle of the evening was also very popular: enough to give a little pep to continue until the end of the night!

Before this day we do not have an alliance! At the time, when we got married, we both worked a lot in the operating room and we were afraid of losing our wedding rings when washing our hands repeatedly. You must remove your wedding band under the sterile gloves ! By superstition, we had preferred not to wear a wedding ring rather than risk losing them … but with the celebration of our ten years of marriage, we finally said to ourselves, this symbol was important, and that we swore to be very carrefully…

We chose Myrtille Beck, whose I really like the work. It was funny to find her in her Paris studio because I had met her during a party years ago, when she still lived on the French Riviera. Our wedding rings have been reworked according to an existing model, and Myrtille has been very good in their personalization. They have been engraved with a phrase from a song by Leonard Cohen, a real poet whom we like very much: “tonight will be fine” in that of Tarik, and “for a while” in mine. It fits us pretty well! And we liked the idea of ​​complementarity, that it is necessary to have the two alliances to form the whole sentence …

The D-Day

The ceremony took place at sunset at the top of a small hill overlooking the oasis. The light was amazing, it was really beautiful. We arrived at the place where our friends were waiting with our children. It made sense. It was very important for us that our boys are integrated into this wedding : today we are almost more a family than a couple! In this sense, the celebration of our ten years of marriage meant more to us than a simple celebration: we really feel we have celebrated in the presence of our loved ones our love, the one that is built day after day, with its ups and downs… which affirms it with time, which becomes stronger. It was a bit like a victory, the desire to say: today as yesterday, and not less than tomorrow, we love each other deeply. And our children are the living symbol of this love.

It was really moving to see our friends and family who had traveled so far to be with us. We were very touched. I think our guests were aware of the special character of this moment, which was accentuated by the atypical side of the place, the magical atmosphere of the desert and the light of the sunset. This gave the ceremony a very intimate and at the same time very intense character. We made the choice not to follow the usual customs: no orchestra, no bridesmaids … we gave carte blanche to my best friend, who was my witness, and my brother, who had already celebrated our wedding at the time. Their speeches were very moving: they knew us so well, it was almost disturbing … I think we could not have done better, it was really what corresponded to us. the ceremony was really in our image: very simple, a little offbeat and very personal … it was perfect! An unforgettable moment …

The next day we were all in a villa we rented in the palm grove for a brunch around a large pool … We stayed for several days. This time with our friends and family before and after “the big day” was very enjoyable, and ultimately really complementary to this wedding.

Our best memory

We keep from this stay a very intense feeling of joy. We were really happy. The most beautiful image will remain for us that of our relatives gathered for the ceremony at sunset, the most beautiful memory (if we must choose only one!) That of this magical afternoon out of time, passed in the shade olive trees of La pause…

About our photographers

We discovered the work of Pinewood Wedding on the blog of La mariée aux pieds nus ! We immediately liked their work, the great delicacy of their images and the importance they give to the light… we really had the impression that it is a subject in its own right in their photos. They have a keen sense of aesthetics, and we have also been seduced by the importance they place on nature. We were also sensitive to the fact that they work as a couple! This had for us a very touching je-ne-sait-quoi … maybe the idea of ​​complementarity that is so important in our relationship.

On their website, they claim to be photographers adventurers / photographers travelers .. this echoed the many trips we had made together, but especially we told ourselves they would be starting for the project of marriage atypical we would propose them they could adapt to the culture, the atmosphere … and make the most of it. It was essential for us. Today I say to myself that we were well inspired: the photos are beautiful, of a great poetry, but above all, they render wonderfully of this stay: everything is there … and we know that we will be able to relive this wedding again and again, looking at their pictures. From the bottom of my heart, a big thank you … “


Photographer : Pinewood Wedding | Venue : La Pause | Dress : Sézane | Rings : Myrtille Beck | muah : afriend of the brid trained at 365c,  Paris | Guests Hats : Original Marrakech | Stationnery : Francesca Mund printed on Moo

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