A wedding in Auckland

For more than seven years, Isaac has shared Emma’s life, and it is naturally on their birthday that these two lovers have decided to celebrate their love with simplicity in front of their loved ones, not far from Auckland in New Zealand, under the watchful eye of Danelle Bohane 

“Isaac took me for a walk and picnic at Ti Point, not far from Point Wells, it is one of my favourite walks in the world. He had custom designed the most beautiful ring, it was 18ct gold with a ruby, pink ruby, amethyst (my birth stone) and a diamond into a bridge setting. It was one of the best days of our lives!”

The wedding

“We had visited a couple of Wedding venues in Auckland, while they were lovely, we left them feeling as if something was missing, it led us to realise we wanted the Wedding to be held at a sentimental place for the both of us, where we could create a unique, one-off event. We decided to have our ceremony in the garden at my parent’s in Point Wells, followed by the reception at the Point Wells Community Hall a few minutes down the road. The hall was perfect, and my Great Uncle helped construct it in the 1950s which was also a lovely connection. It was a wide open space to run our dining tables, with exposed trusses and timber floors, it was just perfect for us!”

“I don’t think Dad quite knew the extent of what is involved in creating your own event, so we gave him a run sheet of the days leading up to manage all the deliveries and couriers. His prized “man cave” was turned into a floral studio and was completely overrun! It was the perfect space for all the wedding prep though.”

“My sister and I came up with the idea of running these timber-framed structured for the flowers down the length of the space. One down the centre and one to hang above Isaac and I at the head of the table. They were such a statement piece. We also designed custom-ply plinths for the ceremony and had flowers cascading off those. It was great having Isaac’s expertise (he is a carpenter) to take the design into fruition.”

A particular moment

“One in which, moments before the ceremony was about to commence, I overheard our Celebrant running through her checklist with the boys downstairs, one of which was “Do you have the rings” to which we heard the Best Man (Isaac’s twin brother) burning rubber in the driveway as he rushed back to get the rings!”

Advice for other couples planning a wedding

“Wedding planning can consume you, try to keep the balance. The day should be a reflection of you as a couple, so enjoy it!”

“We are so glad we created our own unique event, half of the fun is the lead up and pack-in .. all the preparation that goes into it. I don’t think the hall has ever looked so beautiful.”


Photographer : Danelle Bohane | Florist : Bridal’s Sister for Fleur&Hunt |Bridal gown designer: Lola Varma | Shoes: Wittner | Hair & Makeup : Kaitlin Chapman Makeup & Hair | Suit : Hugo Boss at Farrys Auckland | Shoes : Barkers | Bow tie : Smith & Caugheys | Bridesmaid dresses : C/meo Collective | Groomsmen suits : Topman | Catering : Collective Hospitality | Food trucks : One Lovely Day | Cake : Blue Bells Cakery | Entertainment : NZDJ | Celebrant : Chloe Boerema – Marry Me Chloe | Engagement ring : Herb Merkle Jewellery

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