You have been designated a witness of the bride! In addition to your unwavering support throughout the preparations for the wedding and of course your important role on D-Day, you will probably be responsible for organizing the bachelorette party! To help you avoid beginner mistakes, we have prepared a list of do’s and don’ts to make sure you have the perfect EVJF! the role of witness Manage the participants, define a date, hold a schedule, establish the budget, launch a pot, choose the activities, contact the service providers are so

When planning your wedding ceremony, and especially when it is a secular ceremony, the exchange of vows is often the high point of this moment. To help you see more clearly, we have gathered some tips for you to write the vows of your wedding ceremony. What is a secular ceremony? A secular ceremony, sometimes called a commitment ceremony, is a ritual ceremony that celebrates a wedding outside the religious setting. Entirely designed around the couple, the idea is to make it as personal as possible, through texts, interventions and

If you discover the blog La mariée aux pieds nus, it is certainly because you have just said yes to your dear and you are going to get married in the coming months: congrats! But after the tears of joy and the announcement to your relatives, euphoria move on to the stress of the organization of your D-Day. Do not panic, La mariée aux pieds nus is here to guide you in your preparations! Today, we offer to you all our advice to plan a wedding that looks like to

Preparing your wedding is carefully choosing your venue, your caterer, and your outfit and accessories for the D-day, but do not forget to choose the music and DJ! Yes, the music is an element not to neglect during the organization of your wedding, on the contrary! During the ceremony, the cocktail, the dinner and, of course, the dance, the music will be an integral part of your day, and will guide all the highlights of this great day. So today, Vincent from Dance Police has concocted, to guide you in the

Are you getting married at the end of summer or this fall? It’s time to think about writing and sending out your announcements. Prickly mission, and you ask yourself a ton of questions: when to send them, to whom, what to write, and where to order them? Today, we give you all our advice and our best addresses to write your announcements. When to send announcements? The question that remains when you begin to prepare your wedding: when to send your invitations? In general, we prefer to send them 2

You are about to say yes in the coming months and you want a simple wedding, in your image, and that breathes nature? The country style is for you. Flowers and plants galore, soft colors and details of character, the country style has the coast for some years in the future bride and groom. But where do you start when you want to make your wedding an ode to nature? A stationery that breathes nature Your announcements are the first elements that will reveal to your guests the atmosphere and

Choosing your photographer is one of the most important step in planning your wedding. In addition to the venue, the DJ and the caterer, your wedding rings and the photos are the only material things that will remain at the end of the day. So because it is often difficult to choose the right photographer who will accompany you during more beautiful day of your life, we give you today our 5 fundamental tips to find the rare pearl. Define your budget As with all the providers in your wedding,

Who says wedding reception, says guests favors. Homemade or not, these little attentions for your guests show how much you care about them, and allow you to thank all your loved ones for having attended so important a day for you. We give you some ideas to avoid the traditional dragees on the D-Day in this article, and since we love the idea of feasting your guests with small gifts, we have concocted a small list of greedy attentions to spoil your them. Honey, sweets, lollipops, chocolates or biscuits everything

Dress, catering, venue, a wedding can quickly be expensive, it is a fact. But you’ve often read it here, a wedding does not cost anything, it’s what you put around that costs you the most. And if you decide to get married surrounded by all your loved ones, you do not have to spend a fortune if you do not want to. The important thing is to enjoy those you love. So today, we have put together our best tips for organizing a day which looks like you, with a

Every week, you can discover pretty weddings on La mariée aux pieds nus. Minimalist, colorful, modern or country atmosphere, all styles are there. But today, it is the rustic weddings that we wanted to honor. Simplicity, nature and friendliness in places more beautiful than each other, rustic-style weddings are popular for a few years, and here too. Because you may be organizing your wedding and looking for inspiration, or just because you want to rediscover some of the beautiful days of our recent years lovers, we offer you today a selection

When you are planning your wedding, you think at first to the caterer, the venue, DJ, the outfits and the decoration but you often forget all the little details that will save your life on D-day, and those who will make your wedding a day that you will not want to forget. So today, we are offering to you a list of wedding essentials to have on your D-day during the preparations, but also during the ceremony and the reception, for the future brides, but also for gentlemen. A pretty

Your D-Day is coming and you do not know what to put on your wedding list? If you want to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is better to prepare it carefully! Decoration, furniture, dishes, jewels, linens, or even activities for two, you can offer your loved ones to give you something that will be useful in your life as a newlywed, or simply something that will make you happy. When do you open your wedding list ? Count about 4 months before the D-Day to open your wedding list, after sending

This is not the first time that we want to share with you our tips to choose your wedding dress. Planning, tracking, testing, yes but when we are part of the “plus sizes”? How’s it going? I often have the opportunity to discuss with future brides who really apprehend this moment which must be a moment of joy of your preparations. What often comes up is the fear of not being able to enter any dress. A humiliation even greater if we already do not feel completely comfortable with our

That’s it, you said yes! Now the proposal is made, you are throwing yourself with all your might in the planning of your wedding day, and you are already starting to look for the venue of your dreams to host your reception. Castle, Provencal farmhouse, vineyard or old shed, you have many ideas, but you really do not know where to turn. So today to help you, we give you all your tips for choosing the best place for your wedding. Choose the région Before starting to look for the

As all the brides-to-be recently engaged, you can not wait to begin the planning of  your big day, and you’re throwing yourself into the search for inspiration for the D-Day. But not so fast! Before all of that, you have to make all the administrative procedures relating to your wedding. This is it them which will define the date and time of your ceremony, and could definitely start this great adventure. So today, we tell you the procedure to follow to make your steps with confidence. Where to get married

The cocktail party of your wedding is as important as your dinner. Indeed, it is the time of the day that will start the festivities, it deserves therefore to be cured of details. What to drink and eat? Where organize this cocktail party? You ask yourself a thousand questions without finding solutions to your problems? So today on La mariée aux pieds nus, we give you all our tips to help you in planning this part of the day! Sweet or salty food? It all depends on the time of

You can be part of these brides who will want to keep their dress intact after their D-Day, to be able to admire it every day, maybe to wear it again or bequeath to your little sister or your daughter. So you probably ask the fateful question: how to keep my dress without seeing it get damaged by the time? To help you, we team up with the Sequoia Pressing team to give you all our good advice to keep your dress intact after your wedding. Step one: cleaning it

The purchase of the wedding dress often represents a big budget when planning one’s wedding. If some sentimental brides-to-be will keep their wedding dress all their life, others brides don’t care about keeping that dress in a closet and would be happy to rent it to not have to spend too much for that. Same dilemma for the guests, who often buy a very nice outfit for the D-day that it will be impossible for them to wear again because it is too much dressy (it is difficult to wear

Your best friend is finally engaged and you’re the first to know de good news: congratulations! Not think twice, she asks to you to be her witness, you are then the main organizer of her bachelorette party. If this event was pretext to embarrass the future bride with various pledges and absurd costumes a few years ago, today it is looks like more elegant and delicate, and it is above all the occasion to spend a friendly moment between girls. So if you need some inspiration to plan the perfect

Exit traditional sweets, for several years now, guests favors are more personal, fun and offbeat. But among the multitudes of ideas on the Internet, it is difficult to make a choice. Food, decoration, delicacies or condiments, we often miss inspiration to stand out from other grooms and please our loved ones. So today, you are given ideas to spoil your guests in an original way. Sweet favors Because we are never against a sweet little sweetness, why not offer a little gourmet favor to your guests? Honey, sweets, lollipops, chocolates

What if you offered something different to your guests and offered a food truck for your wedding dinner ? If they were previously rather chosen for brunch the day after the wedding, these small trucks have gradually made their way as full service provider of a cool and laid back wedding. Practical and festive, food-trucks offer savory but also sweet dishes to delight the taste buds of your guests: burgers, bagels, pancakes, pizzas and even ice cream, there is something for everyone. In addition to the variety of dishes offered,

How to really enjoy (and succeed) your couple photos? This is THE moment when you have to enjoy your wedding day! Because in the whirlwind of emotions of the day, between laughs, accolades, the planning, your guests to welcome, this will certainly be the only time where you will truly enjoy a moment to yourself. Timing, place, pose, wedding photographer Baptiste Hauville shares with us his tips and advice to take advantage of this moment. And for the lovers of his work, do not forget that you will be able to

Whether for budget reasons, to cut classes to family needs, reduce the list of guests, or simply by taste of adventure, you may want to get married in a small committee abroad. More and more couples are choosing to break free from conventions and opt for a union far from their country of residence. But how to organize a wedding in complete privacy abroad? Who to invite ? By organizing a wedding abroad, the list of your guests is often reduced compared to a more traditional wedding. The costs and

When we decide to get married, the question of the budget arrives very quickly. Usually, lovers take the problem in the wrong way, wondering how much they will have to spend to celebrate their wedding. This is not the first time I will mention here, but a wedding does not cost anything, that’s what we put around which increase more or less the note. So, the starting point for this budget discussion should be this  question :  how much can  we spend for this day so that we do not

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