Gourmet ideas for edible guest favors

Who says wedding reception, says guests favors. Homemade or not, these little attentions for your guests show how much you care about them, and allow you to thank all your loved ones for having attended so important a day for you. We give you some ideas to avoid the traditional dragees on the D-Day in this article, and since we love the idea of feasting your guests with small gifts, we have concocted a small list of greedy attentions to spoil your them. Honey, sweets, lollipops, chocolates or biscuits everything is about to please all your guests, from the youngest to the oldest!

Regional specialties

Edible guest favors can allow your guests to discover your home region by taste! Classic but effective, if you’re getting married in the South of France, put a small vial of olive oil near each plate, personalized with your first names and the date of your wedding. Do you say yes in the region of Montélimar ? Slip nougats under the napkins delicately packaged in the colors of your day. Salted butter caramels for a wedding in Brittany, a little Cannelé for a wedding in Bordeaux, Calissons for a wedding in the region of Aix-en-Provence, or even mignonettes of bubbly wine from Barcelona, treat your guests and make them discover new flavors! They will be very happy to discover your region or your country of origin through a small greedy present, which in addition will not embarrass them once returned home.

Tea vials – A simple and intimate wedding in Australia – David Latour

Honey pots – Un mariage simple et rustique dans une grange – Pinewood Weddings

De l’huile d’olive – A wedding at the Mas Piboule in Provence – Soul Pics

Sweets in monogramed pouches – A wedding in a Landes forest – Yoris Photographe

Shortbreads – A folk wedding in Switzerland – La Bohème Photographie

Berlingots of sweets and homemade jams – A wedding in Auvergne – David Latour

Basil seeds to plant – A simple and colorful wedding at tha Domaine des Bidaudières – David Latour

Homemade jams – A green wedding in Brittany – Solveig et Ronan

Spices – A boho wedding in the South of France – Rock’n Brides

Personalized shortbreads and olive oil – A wedding at the Domaine Mauprié à Lusignan – Lorenzo Accardi

Aromatized salt – A wedding at the Domaine de Mauvoisin – Fabien Courmont

Sweets made with love

Involve your parents, uncles and aunts or grandmother and entrust them with the task of concocting a little greedy pleasure to offer to your guests during your day. Homemade shortbread or jars of jam, these home-made attentions always make great pleasure for your guests, but also for the cooks, who will have the impression of having taken an active part in the organization of your wedding. Making homemade treats is also an opportunity to completely personalize the gifts, by making your guests discover your favorite jam recipe, the one that rocked your childhood, or the little cookies you love to nibble in love during your Evenings for two. Gifts even more personal that it is your loved ones (or yourselves elsewhere) who made them! Another idea: give your guests, in the form of a bottle or jars, all the ingredients of your favorite cake that they can cook after your wedding. A little DIY gift that will please young and old, and out of the ordinary!

Condiments with flavors from elsewhere

Once again, stir up the curiosity of your guests, offering them the opportunity to cook dishes from elsewhere that they may have already tasted during your wedding. Spices, flavored salts, peppers from around the world, aromatic plants, make them discover new flavors, exotic scents. Bet on pretty containers, like glass jars or linen pouches for spices or salt, repot apple mint seedlings, fresh basilica in pretty individual pots, and feel free to join this little present, a small explanatory note on the use of these condiments, and on their origin.

Merci Coco (sweets)
Shanty Biscuit (personalized shortbread)
Mon petit pot de miel
Le songe du verger (jams)
Freixenet (mignonettes of bubbly wine)
Babines (personalized sweets)
Tookies (personalized shortbread)
seasonal favors

In addition to the geographical and homemade aspect of your gourmet gifts, also think about the season in which your wedding will take place, it may eventually give you ideas! A lemonade kit in a pretty glass bottle for a summer wedding, or on the contrary for hot chocolate for a wedding in the middle of winter, little cider mignonettes for an autumnal wedding, everything is possible or almost. Be careful though to the shelf life of these edible gifts, which may not be consumed immediately after your wedding, and may have already been prepared well before the day J.

Personalize your favors

Do not forget, it’s not because you offer edible gifts to your guests that you can not customize them, on the contrary! Make monogram gift containers such as fabric pouches and glass bottles, or affix matching labels to your announcements and menus. You can also enter the name of each guest on each gift, which will have dual use and can serve as a name tag on your dinner table. In addition to the packaging, let personalized  your the aliments themselves, and choose to write your names, your initials, your wedding date, your logo or even a quote that you like on small shortbread cookies for example! A beautiful idea that will hold the attention of your guests and add a little bit of originality to these beautiful gifts!

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