A green wedding in Brittany

Ludivine and Mathieu got married in their sweet Brittany at the beginning of the summer.  Today they share the images of their green lovely day, immortalized by Solveig et Ronan

Ludivine tells us a little more about their history … “With Mathieu, we met 9 years ago in our beautiful and sweet Brittany, we were both 19 years old, I met him every day at the exit of high school with his look very “BB Brune” (a band I used to love!) And from there it took 9 months, a dozen secret meetings and two blondes so that he finally decides to go to brunettes. Since then we have been experiencing a kind of passionate love punctuated by our two strong characters, we never get bored! ”

The proposal

“We have been living in London for almost four years now, we love this city and everything that comes out of it, but every opportunity is good to get back to the other side of the channel.  We have been organizing for a few years now a “friends weekend” in Brittany which it would be impossible for us to miss. Except that last year this little event took a slightly different turn as I made my proposal. (I always said that if I had to get married one day I would like to change the codes a bit about the proposal …)

In short, I posted a short video of me in Stopmotion that I made in London with a friend and that had as a generic end this small question to which my bearded answered YES for my greatest happiness. It was great to live this with our best friends, it was a surprise for everyone and certainly one of the best times of 2017 for us. ”

The preparations of the wedding

“From then on everything went quickly, we wanted to get married in early summer, so we had ten months to plan everything and that’s good because I love that! Living in London was not easy because we wanted to get married in Brittany, but I think we formed a nice little team and we knew immediately what we wanted (or not!) So everything went very well.

We both fell in love with the Manoir de la Mare in Henon, this charming place with owners so adorable did not make us hesitate a long time. Then we had that same priority, the photographer. Here again not much hesitation, after some emails and a skype call in October 2017 with Solveig et Ronan there was no doubt, it would be them (… and in photo and video). ”

“The date, the place, our service providers, all the main was reserved in a few weeks, the most complicated was certainly the decoration, we both have the sense of detail, Mathieu is very handyman (I have two left hands ) and all our returns in Brittany were punctuated by his small practical work since everything was already imagined, discussed and drawn since a long time from London but in the end I think we did not do too badly despite small moments of stress . “

Your best memory

“We wanted a secular ceremony. In terms of decoration everything was already well defined however we left carte blanche to our best friends who organized us an absolutely perfect ceremony. Laughs, emotions, songs, we let ourselves be carried away by all this love and today it is by far our most beautiful memory of this big Love Party as we like to call it”.

“The creation of my dress is again a beautiful story because my beloved designer is a friend’s best friend. Gwenn launched her brand Anna Dautry not long ago and after a first meeting and many questions I knew that it was her. I had a very precise idea of ​​what I wanted, after several Parisian meetings and a last in London she was mine, this dress was exactly as I imagined, because yes a dress made to measure  is good but for the stressed bride I was it was also a big risk that I’m glad I took with Gwenn. ”

“For the little story, you should know that the day D, Mathieu wore a Penny in each tab of his shoes because in the Anglo-Saxon culture it is a sign of luck on the exam days and finally a wedding is the final exam of a life!

Advice for other couples
“Do not forget that before all, this day is made for you, the important thing is to enjoy every moment, this dose of love received in a weekend is enough to cover the problems if there are so let yourself go is my only advice. ”


Photographer and video maker : Solveig et Ronan | Dress : Sessùn for the civil wedding and Anna Daudry pour the secular ceremony | Crown : Harpe Paris | Shoes : Patricia Blanchet | Suit : Suitssupply | Grown shoes : G.H BASS &CO  | Venue : Manoir de le Mare | Photobooth « La Borne Bambou » : La Trombinette  | Caterer : Aux Plaisir du Zest Traiteur | Cake : Delicatessen Bakery | Flowers : Mint and sweet pepper | Vintage dishes and decoration : Vintage Event  | DJ : Nicolas alias Ajax Tow NicoJouff | Car stickers :  Blanc Sauvage  | Witnesses biscuits : Biscuiteers | Guests biscuits : Kool and The Cake | Stationney illustrations : Piplet Paper

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