A simple and friendly wedding in Corsica

Un mariage simple et convivial sur une plage en Corse - Photos : Phan Tien - Blog mariage : La mariée aux pieds nus

Anne and Adrien met ten years ago through a mutual friend in Paris. He then left for his studies in Asia. They found themselves on his return a few months later, and have not left each other since. They chose to celebrate a simple and friendly wedding in Corsica, even where Anne’s grandparents had said yes 70 years earlier … A great day photographed by Phan Tien.

the proposal

“It was in January 2017 that Adrien asked me in marriage, during a weekend in Vienna, in a park, under the snow.It was very moving and despite all these years together I did not go there did not wait at all, but Adrien had bought the ring of my dreams several months before. “

The preparations

“We did not look for the place for a long time and without having talked about it before, it was obvious for all of us: Corsica, and especially the village of Piana where I come from. Parents live there part of the year, we know everyone and Adrien has been with me since the beginning, especially since I think it was important for us to get married in a place that made sense.

We decided manage the organization ourselves but we surrounded ourselves with lovely and very caring service providers, so it was nice to be in touch with them.

We chose the dream setting of the Arone beach, with the restaurant Le Casabianca, ideally placed and which represents a lot for me. As it is a beautiful place and is self-sufficient, and it was a wedding at the beach, we did not want to add decoration. We generally wanted something simple, natural and inspired by the riches of Corsica. “

“On the other hand, we had a crush on Atelier Prairies’ Morgane dried flower compositions, which we discovered at Love etc. last year and she kindly accepted to move to Piana and mixed local vegetation and classic dried flowers with a lot of taste, the result was well beyond our expectations and overwhelmed everyone, and we were able to keep a lot of the bouquets. “

“The rest of the decor was based on the sublime creations of Fanny Calligraphie, who made our entire stationery, from our announcement to the labels of the gifts of guests through the booklets of mass or the table names Everything has been personalized to the extreme thanks to many exchanges and we loved it because it really looked like us.

We also attached great importance to the choice of the photographer and we were also immediately seduced by the work and personality of Tien Phan. We exchanged an email and made a Skype and we knew from the beginning that he matched us perfectly. The day before the wedding we had a commitment session with him and we immediately felt comfortable behind his goal, in confidence, everything was done very naturally, without poses or staging but rather in the manner a report taken on the spot. “

“During our research of photographers we started to think about the video when we had not thought about it at first, but we realized that it was a really complementary approach and that it conveyed an emotion We looked for and asked Tien for advice and he told us about Pierre & Julie, we immediately fell in love with their videos and had chills just by seeing a few minutes of film on This was also a story of meeting because we loved the characters in addition to their work.

It was therefore a pleasure to meet Tien, Pierre and Julie the day before the wedding and share moments of complicity a little out of time. Since then, these photos and videos still accompany our daily lives since we see them very often, alone or in pairs, in the metro, before an important appointment, to give themselves courage or find a little lightness. “

“We decided to get married at the end of the summer to have a few weeks on the spot in August and enjoy our loved ones, who are many to come a week or at least a few days before. So event the wedding unrolled on 2 days only we had the impression to see more people and it leaves us very good memories.

the day of the wedding

“The day of the wedding was rather intense as we started with the civil wedding in the morning. The civil wedding was more moving than imagined and marked the beginning of the festivities, and our relatives had a lunch in committee. Then the religious ceremony took place in the church of St. Mary of Piana and was followed by a traditional wine reception on the forecourt. The cocktail, dinner and evening were held in part outdoor in Casabianca, as well as brunch the next day, half-footed in the water since the day continued on the beach and deckchairs of the restaurant to the delight of our guests. “

a particular moment

“I loved the moments of preparation with Marie-Charlotte de Reporthair, first in intimacy and then with my witnesses, it was a real break in the whirlwind of the day, it allowed me to breathe and to revise my text for the last time, accompanied by great kindness.

When I entered the church and the polyphonic songs sounded, it was a very emotional moment for both of us, and for the rest of the assembly.

The speech of our relatives was also a highlight, when my father recalled that his parents were married in the same place 70 years earlier and that Adrien’s mother mentioned the absentees we were thinking about.”

A memory

“Nous avons été sur un vrai petit nuage depuis le début de la journée et rien n’aurait pu troubler notre bonheur tant nous étions détendus. J’ai été plutôt surprise d’ailleurs car je n’ai pas eu de mal à « lâcher », après avoir vécu une dernière semaine plutôt stressante et des contretemps de dernière minute. Cela s’est fait tout naturellement et grâce à la présence de nos proches, qui nous ont beaucoup aidé à régler les détails quelques jours avant et qui ont entièrement géré l’organisation le jour même.

“We have been on a real cloud since the beginning of the day and nothing could have disturbed our happiness as we were relaxed. I was rather surprised besides because I had no trouble to”let go”, after a rather stressful last week and last-minute setbacks. This was done naturally and thanks to the presence of our loved ones, who helped us a lot with the details a few days before and who managed everything the organization the same day.

What made us particularly happy is to see the joy and enthusiasm of our loved ones. Our wedding was like us and that’s what our guests felt. They were comfortable, the atmosphere was happy, relaxed and we had the impression that everyone was talking to each other, the groups were mixing and getting along well, it was nice to see.

On the other hand, the return to reality has been rather difficult and we have not anticipated it at all. Seeing everyone leave on Sunday night made us very depressed, but fortunately we were leaving for a few days on mini honeymoon before returning home. “

A tip for bride and groom-to-be

“In times of stress, especially a few days before when the atmosphere can become electric it’s important to stay together and step back on the little details, which will not matter on D-Day, to focus on One of the unnecessary sources of stress we have had is, for example, the weather, the forecasts were pretty bad and we were even scared of having rain, I do not have very good memories of the many times out of 5 different weather stations that all gave contradictory forecasts.

It’s easier said than done, and we did not really succeed, but pausing at 2 in the middle of the final preparations must do a lot of good. For us, it was the photo / video engagement session, the day before, that helped us to win.

We must not hesitate, when we can, to delegate to his family. On the one hand, it takes away the mental load and on the other hand, it often makes them happy to help and feel useful, especially at the last moment.

Time goes of course much too fast the day D, it is necessary to take advantage of every moment even if one has the impression to spend his time to say hello, thank you and goodbye. The time we are doing and it’s already over!

Finally, surrounded by providers with whom we get along well, who understand us and correspond to us is a great strength and it feels the day of the wedding. We had a lot of luck and are very grateful. “


| Photographer : Phan Tien | Video : Pierre&Julie | Civil Dress :  Christina Sfez | Wedding dress: Lorafolk | Rings: Pérouse Paris and White Bird Jewellery | Hair accessories : Lizeron — Veil: Lorafolk | muah : The Reporthair | Suit : Faubourg Saint Sulpice | Bow Tie : Le Colonel Moutarde| Flowers : Atelier Prairies | Venue, caterer and wedding cake : Le Casa Bianca | DJ : Bryan Giovannangeli | Musicians : Dumè Casalonga | Guests favors : Merci Coco | Immortelle salt : atelier Corse | Myrte : Le Casabianca | Stationery : Fanny Calligraphie |

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