A bohemian wedding at the Domaine de Ravatys

A beautiful day in nature in the heart of Beaujolais, a groom and a bride brimming with love with contagious joy of life, discover the images of the bohemian wedding of Amelie and Max at the Domaine de Ravatys, photographed by The Quirky

Amélie tells us a little more about their meeting … “It was ten years ago, we were finishing our studies, Max in business school and I in interior design. Steph, my roommate at that time was in Max’s class, we naturally found ourselves at a student party, very good memories of binge to tell the truth… A few months later we found ourselves at another party, much more calm this time. We talked about everything and nothing, but he make me laugh a lot, and it was at this moment that the first spark was born. The next day my nice roommate plays matchmakers and organized an intimate snack, a little atypical but very funny, we still laugh today… Who would have thought that day that we would eventually get married …

The proposal

Missing London, we decided to leave for a trip to our favorite city, to Cécile’s, my best friend, with whom we had lived a year there. It was the first time we had returned there since our return to France. We have a certain attachement with this city, so necessarily, on the spot, a thousand memories were remonstrating on the surface. A golden opportunity for a proposal, except that I never suspected what could happen. He had prepared that, little secretive, with the complicity with our friends and our family. So it was after a long and beautiful day of strolls bu the Thames, that he found the perfect moment to get on his knees, a very intimate moment, a little messy but filled with emotion …

When we came back, our friends were waiting for us at the airport with signs in our image. A nice surprise that ended on the parking with a bottle of Champ!

The preparations

For us, marriage has always been an obvious step in our life as a couple. So we already had some idea of what this day would be like. A big party, surrounded by all the people who are dear to us …

The choice of the place was easy, a domain lost in the vineyards of Beaujolais, the native region of Max, where we had always dreamed of getting married. Very quickly we started looking for providers, hours spent on wedding blogs including LMAPN, but for us it was essential to surround ourselves well for this day. The first were The Quirky, a true artistic crush. Then the others followed, Nathalie, Melanie, Vincent … With each for a great feeling, in short a team of shock!

For the wedding, we wanted a folk and boho spirit in a very natural atmosphere. We tried to keep a conductive line with the colors, the materials and the olive tree for example, to create a beautiful harmony. Vintage lovers, we walked the flea markets of the region to look for our decoration. For the rest a lot of handmade and home workshop hours, while being well helped by our friends and families. For the symbolic we decided to make ourselves our wedding rings. A fun workshop on a day, well guided by the designer, we were able to make our precious A to Z.

And then this dress… I literally fell in love with the Rue de Seine collection, it was crazy all the dresses I liked. It has also earned us a memorable stay with my mother and my witnesses in London, and yes again. During fitting, the choice was obvious to all. Between laughter and tears, a magical moment that will remain engraved forever…

The D day

We wanted a wedding in our image. A beautiful day in the simplicity, authentic, but with special attention to every detail and surprises that would please our guests. An event over a weekend to enjoy a maximum.

We started this day in a small group, a relaxing and privileged moment with our loved ones. Then head for the castle for the secular ceremony. It was for us the most precious moment, the one that would seal our union. It seemed obvious to us to ask Steph (the roommate) to be the ceremonial officiant, a role he played wonderfully. It will remain forever a magical and unforgettable memory, this moment when we literally let ourselves be carried. And that was the case for each of these moments, our arrival in combi accompanied by our witnesses, the cocktail with all its animations, the improvised deliriums with our friends, the surprises, our first dance … In short, a perfect day in the world. euphoria, lasting for the rest of the night.

As we were told, it went too fast, but we had the impression to enjoy every minute… It is also thanks to our families and friends who have surrounded us so well along this adventure, and we have all the more aware of it the D-day. A precious gift, for which we will be forever grateful …

Our best memory

Difficult to choose one, so every moment is unforgettable. But for Max, it may be my very moving arrival at the ceremony, where he saw me for the first time in my dress. I will never forget his look. For me, our first dance, a very intimate and sensual moment, where we just felt like we were alone in the world.

A tip for other couples

Above all, make this day the one that will be most like you. Surround yourself well, whether by your loved ones or by the choice of your providers. Upstream try to think of everything, that’s what will make you enjoy every moment during the big day and that’s the most important!

If we had to redo it

Maybe ask for more photos with all our loved ones, because finally it’s the only thing left with our memories…


Venues : Château de Bagnols et Château des Ravatys | Photo and Vidéo : The Quirky | Wedding Planner : Majenia | Flowers : Menthe Sauvage | Decoration rental : Day l’Atelier | Furniture rental : Option | DJ : Dance Police | Photobooth : Sharingbox | MUAH : Billy and Clyde | Dress : Rue de Seine | Suit : Dejardin | Rings : Cécile Crepellière | Caterer : Frédéric Fouquet

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