A boho wedding in the South of France

Boho atmosphere in the middle of nature for the wedding of Coralie and Romain, which took place a few weeks ago under the beautiful sun of the south of France. A beautiful day photographed by Alison, aka Rock’n Brides, that we are pleased to share with us today …

Coralie tells us more about their meeting … “Before we fell in love with each other, we attended the same high school.Romain was in senior year, in 2003, with my best friend. But at the time we were a bit like Montaigu and Capulet, each one’s clan! It was in 2006, that everything really started. We met regularly in the evening, it is after several discussions and small teasing, that we fell in love one of the other!

Our story started very strong. We quickly felt that it was serious. Evidence that was not expressed with words. We dreamed of the same things: a family, a house, traveling, a wedding. And our common values, respect, fidelity, cemented our love. After a few months in the same aeronautical school, we went to work a year on Paris. Then we went back to the south of France. We welcomed our first child at the end of 2007, Baptiste and then the youngest, Giulia, in 2011.

The proposal

“It was in April 2016, when I had been working for several months on the launch of my company, Romain prepared me a surprise.We had to serve as model for the first inspirational shoot that I organized. Preparing for this event, Romain bought a ring and made his proposal to my daddy. (Funny moment because seeing Romain also moved he thought to hear a separation announcement!)

It is in the middle of the photo shoot that Romain makes his proposal, under the complicit eye of the employees present! I was far from imagining what he had prepared! I was focused on the smooth running of the shoot. And so the surprise was total! We have announced it with emotion to our children, delighted and impatient that this moment is coming! Then we shared this with our loved ones and our friends. “

The wedding

“I imagined a wedding in a very small committee, abroad, not necessarily far away – but on holiday air, and Romain had in mind a friendly party, with our friends and close family. We had think about the different options and started looking for a place in a very wide area. Finally it’s close to our home that we had a crush. An old farmhouse surrounded by nature and full of charm. We immediately know it was the place we wanted for our big day.

We wanted a wedding that was a nice party. Convivial and intimate, without convention or tradition. We wanted to treat ourselves and spoil our guests. The Mas de Rivoire has several outdoor spaces. We took advantage of this to create several corners, which were always a surprise for our guests. The sun had to be there! “

Notre meilleur souvenir

“It’s hard to choose just one!” We had an indescribable emotion when we saw our friends and loved ones gathered together to celebrate the day. Their smiles and their love literally brought us. They reserved us many surprises. To realize how much they all got involved really touched us.

From choreography on Joyful Joyful – to children’s Thinking out loud interpretation, to the surprise video of girlfriends and our cousin’s play. All these links already represented a lot for us and since that day something has changed. “

a particular moment

“For each of us, the best moment is the moment when we exchanged our vows at the town hall. Both very emotional, we wanted to do this at the same time, this intervention represented a real individual challenge: do not let yourself go to be disconcerted by emotion in order to arrive at the end of the writings that we had each prepared on our side.

Romain is a regular of great speeches. At each wedding of our close friends, he intervened in a remarkable way. So I put a lot of heart to writing mine. Romain meanwhile, had written a small text of thanks, supplemented by a few sweet words. ”

Advice for other couples

“I think I’m going to talk to brides in particular, without any generality … the men seem to be handling the preparations and the stress much better than us. From the start I confessed my weak point … I will not get there to delegate, and at the same time I was conscient that on the day I had to be 100% free.

So I opted for a coordination for the D-Day. The Wedding planner review the situation with me a few weeks before the event. We checked the contracts and finalized the program together. The day before the wedding we made the briefing on the venue. On the day of the wedding, while the team was managing the installation and coordination, I was really relaxed (while I’m stressed by nature!). So plan an envelope for this service, it brings a breath of fresh air. “


Photographer : Rock’n Brides |  Dress : Rue de Seine – Olympe Montpellier  | Shoes : Dessine-moi un soulier | Headband :  Camille Recolin | MUA : Miss Delph | Hair : Vero Maison de coiffure   |  Earrings : Stella & Dot | Suit and accessories : Asos* | Venue : Mas de la Rivoire  | Flowers : Marguerite Flower Shop | Caterer : Traiteur du Littoral   |  Planning : the bride and the groom and coordination on the D-Day by Atelier du bonheur | Decoration : Coralie Wedding Designer |  Stationnery : Kyah création  |  Cocktail band : Cordes nomades | Orchestra : Juice, Nicky stone et ses talentueux musiciens  | Tent : Raima et Menestra | Video : Remy LilRem production

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