A wedding at the Domaine de Mauprié in Lusignan

It’s simple, everything in this wedding is absolutely perfect. At first glance, I just felt in love for this incredible suspension of pampas and dried flowers above the dinner tables, so it was impossible not to share with you this beautiful wedding at the Domaine de Mauprié in Lusignan photographed by Lorenzo Accardi.

Emilie and Frédéric tell us their story … “We had known each other for several months thanks to mutual friends but our story really began after a summer evening in Paris. After a few days only, we came to the conclusion that we were made for each other, we have been together for 8 years now! “

“I made my proposal after six years together, in September 2016, the day of Emilie’s birthday, at midnight, on our balcony in Paris in front of the illuminated Eiffel Tower, and she said yes! We wanted to celebrate our union under the sun, therefore we have decided to book a weekend in July 2018, to give us time to plan “the best day of our lives.” Then we began the preparations without waitin looking for providers who could match us. “

The preparations of the wedding

“Emilie is passionate about design and working in this area, the decoration was for us essential. Pinterest as well as several blogs including “La mariée aux pieds nus” were a remarkable source of inspiration.

We have given great importance to the smallest detail and have made the most of the artistic direction by ourselves (stationery, table decoration, towels, signage, etc.). Many romantic evenings have been dedicated to that… From Émilie’s uncle’s attic to the Parisian decor shops, we have explored all possible paths to discover the rare gems! We even called farmers in the area to pick up straw boots that were graciously offered to us.”

“We wanted a place close to nature, warm and which looks like us. The Domaine de ​​Mauprié, in the region Poitou-Charentes (native region of Emilie) was for us a real crush! Its beauty and its country and family setting totally convinced us. The cottages near the venue were a primary criterion for choice. They have allowed us to welcome our guests from all over France (the family of Frederic being based near ‘Arles) and our friends from afar (Canada, Australia, New York, Belgium) during all the weekend.”

“We first spotted Lorenzo on the internet, and during a party with friends, it turned out that he was a friend’s cousin! A first contact by Skype and feeling was there. It could not be an other than him! Discreet and professional throughout the wedding, he was able to capture unforgettable moments while listening to us and be available. The result exceeds our expectations and his photos are fantastic. We already called him for an engagement session a few months ago in Spain, it was very useful to become familiar with the objective and feel comfortable on the D-Day. “

Floral decoration was essential to us and we attached great importance to creating the atmosphere that looks like us.” Emilie began her career in 2007 with a passionate designer of vases and candles: Marianne Guedin, who is now a vegetal designer and creates sumptuous sets for luxury brands. Beyond a professional meeting, it was a real human encounter that lasted for years.What luck she agrees to work for our wedding! We trusted her with your eyes closed!

We wanted a natural and vegetal universe, decorated with dried flowers (Emilie collects bouquets at home). Pampas herbs, eucalyptus and large dried palm leaves were the driving threads of the decoration. We also wanted a huge composition suspended to create a “whaou” effect and arouse emotion on the D-day. Marianne and her assistant took up the challenge with flying colors!”

“The choice of the caterer is an important criterion for the success of a wedding. After some research, Emilie’s father (pre-retirement caterer) chose to go back to the kitchen and offered to ensure the service on the D-Day, but also the day before (for the civil wedding) and the next day for the brunch.The quality as well as the quantity were at the rendezvous, without mentioning the surprises that were reserved for us to put in stuffy.”

We wanted to avoid the traditional gifts so that everyone leaves with a souvenir which looks like us. We opted for mini-bottles of olive oil (olives picked by our little hands !!!) and personalized cookies made by Jennifer Hart-Smith aka “Tookies Gambetta”, pastry chef in Paris. A real crush for these shortbreads and this beautiful meeting!

On the D-day, a lot of stress: for the weather (the day before it was raining), for the cocktail (homemade), for the fold on the shirt of Frederick when he had no iron, for the alliance too big, etc… But from the moment when Emilie entered the Church, all this stress evaporated to let the happiness and the love boost us until the next morning.”

A particular moment

“The preparations were an opportunity for us to spend time with our friends and our families (even if some have disappeared suddenly, because of the world cup quarter-final!). Over time, these moments spent with the people who we are close are more and more rare and we have been able to measure how lucky we are to be surrounded as well. “

Advice for the other couples

“Don’t forget yourself !”


Dress : Laure de Sagazan at Dressing Club (Paris 9) | Peigne fleuri : Atelier Prairies | Earrings : Hanka In chez Chance (Paris 3) | Bride shoes : Anonymous Copenhagen | Bouquet : Handmade dried flowers | MUAH : Mélissa Thomas | Bride ring : Pérouse Paris | Suit : L’Apièceur (Paris 3) | Groom shoes : Barker shoes | Watch : Zeppelin | Groom ring : made to measure by a jeweler in Arles | Venue : Domaine de Mauprié (86600 Lusignan) | Caterer : father’s bride | Photographer : Lorenzo Accardi | Décoration : handmade | Dishes : Loulou réception (86150 Millac) | Stationery : the Bride and the Groom | Flowers : Marianne Guedin & Lou Saavedra | DJ : Vantrung Nguyen| Desserts assortiment/wedding cake : Pâtisserie « Les Métives » (86200 Loudun) | Biscuits : Tookies Gambetta | Copper fairy lights on the tables : Skylantern | Suspended fairy lights : Hema | Vases/stoneware pot on the tables : Merci | Pharmacy flasks : Vaisselle Vintage (Paris) | Table clothes : Casa | Table number : H&M personalized frames with dried flowers | Stickers : graciously offered by Leader Marquage & Polyexpo

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