Just engaged : how to start the plan of your wedding

Futurs mariés, par où commencer l'organisation de son mariage ? - Rendez vous sur le blog mariage La mariée aux pieds nus pour découvrir des conseils pour l'organisation de votre mariage

If you discover the blog La mariée aux pieds nus, it is certainly because you have just said yes to your dear and you are going to get married in the coming months: congrats! But after the tears of joy and the announcement to your relatives, euphoria move on to the stress of the organization of your D-Day.

Do not panic, La mariée aux pieds nus is here to guide you in your preparations! Today, we offer to you all our advice to plan a wedding that looks like to you.

Define your budget

Be organized.  To you the excel paintings and projections to prepare – serenely I assure you – your wedding. First step, define your budget. And this point, I assure you, is easier than it seems. To help you, go read the post “How much is a wedding?“, The opportunity for you to discover the cost of a wedding.

The schedule of your wedding

From the research of your venue, to the choice of your dress, until the creation of your setting arrangements, find in the post “The schedule of your wedding” the various stages, month by month, of your wedding planning.

Find your venue

Finding your venue is the first thing to do when you start organizing your wedding. From this place will depend the date of your wedding and it is only from the moment when you reserve it that you will be able to approach your other providers. Choosing the venue for your wedding is an important step in term of planning, but also in term of style. The venue that you will choose will give the tone of your wedding and will be the guarantee of the atmosphere of this one. Provencal farmhouse in the south of France, industrial shed, vineyard in the Beaujolais, everything is possible! It all depends on the atmosphere you want to give to your decoration. Know that it is better to respect the place in which you marry by choosing a decoration adapted to this one. Find in the posts “How to choose the venue for your wedding?” and in “Ten questions to ask before booking your venue” our tips to help you.

Looking for your service providers

One of the most stressful things about organizing a wedding is probably the search for the ideal providers to accompany you on the D-day. Caterer, photographer, videographer, florist, (etc.), you would like to have exceptional service providers that make you benefit from their expertise while adapting to your needs and desires. But between the echoes of your relatives and the hundreds of addresses on the web, you do not know where to look and you are lost. On La mariée aux pieds nus, we make an inventory of more than a hundred service providers all as talented as each other in our Address book to guide you and help you to make your choice.You will also find at the end of each report “True wedding” the list of providers recommended by real honeymooners! And to help you even more, find in the section Organize your wedding blog tips to help choose your photographer, your florist, your caterer, and all the professionals of your wedding.

Be inspired

You have found your venue and the service providers who will accompany you until the D-Day. Now, it is the time to the decoration and the long evenings to surf the Internet to find the inspiration. Every week La mariée aux pieds nus offers to you her inspirations, with editorials or real weddings. Feel free to follow us on Pinterest, where we have gather for you thousand of images, classified by theme and color.

Find your wedding dress and your accesories

Once he (or she) made his (her) proposal, the first thing that every bride thinks is : HER DRESS! While some brides-to-be know exactly where they want, for others, looking for the perfect dress can be complicated. Do not hesitate, before making an appointment with the creators, to be all over the Internet and select what you like in terms of dress. It will allow you to sort out in your desires, and to position more precisely on the style you like during your appointments. And for that, go to the Fashion section of the blog, where you can find the pictures of the collections of French and foreign designers, but also various selections to help you to choose your wedding dress, but also the outfits of your bridesmaids or your accessories.

Prepare your honeymoon

Because planning your honeymoon is also part of the organization of your wedding, we help you to find the destination of your dreams after your wedding. Relaxing in the sun, road trip in the Northern Europe countries  or discover the landscapes of Asia, in the Honeymoon section of the blog, find all our favorite destinations, with tips for organizing your trip, and as a bonus, beautiful reports from passionate photographers who have gone to discover other countries to share their images with you. Perfect to give to you the desire to escape!

Let’s shop !

La mariée aux pieds nus, this is inspirations and good addresses, but not only! We regularly update the store, on which you can find a selection of our favorite fashion and decoration items available on the net. Bridal dresses, bridesmaids dresses, accessories, processional dresses, but also literature, with a selection of books related to the organization of the wedding.

And to follow our news, our hobbies, our inspirations and know all our good addresses, do not hesitate to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest!

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