A simple an intimate wedding in Australia

Head to Australia today on the blog for the simple and friendly wedding of Aurélie and Chris immortalized by David Latour and Less is more..A day imagined with care by the bride and groom, who managed to combine their desires and their tight budget. Successful bet ! We love the spirit of this day.

The bride shares their story … “Chris and I met in a university exchange at Exeter in England in 2009. This year is forever etched in our memories. From the beginning, we thought our story was not meant to last, Chris being Australian and me French. However, when our stay ended 5 months later, saying goodbye was much more difficult than expected so Chris changed his return ticket to stay a few weeks in France with me and after that it became obvious that we could not separate.There followed ten long months of long distance relationship, to call each other on Skype every day and to fall still a little more in love. In December 2009, the project to follow Chris to Australia was born, and after three weeks of vacation in Sydney, I fell in love with this city and could imagine living there. From there everything was chained very quickly. I finished my studies in France and Chris his in Australia, he joined me in May and after six months living together in France, we moved to Sydney, where we live for almost 8 years now. “

The proposal

Marriage was never really part of our plans, to be honest. We’ve been together for almost 10 years now, and we’ve always said that marriage would not change our lives. However, it is the idea to reunite our families and friends and to celebrate our love among all those who matter to us who have seduced us… living in Australia is really fabulous, however, it is also very difficult, whether we are in France or Sydney We still have a heavy feeling of lack, so getting married was an opportunity for us to finally bring these two parts of our lives together, if only for a day.

Chris proposed on the most “we” way. At the top of a mountain, during a hike. I did not expect it, which was not won in advance since I discovered the ring accidentally a few months ago! After this incident, Chris made me wait, to the point that I almost stopped thinking about it. That day, it was me who suggested the hike, so I was far from thinking that Chris would make me his proposal. We arrived at the top and sat down to contemplate the sight, alone, as cut off from the world. Chris pulled a little box out of his bag and he had not even started talking that his moved eyes had already said everything. “

the wedding

We wanted a simple wedding, like us, and wanted our families to play a central role in it. We decided to get married in Australia rather than France, simply because we have more memories as a couple and we have chosen places that are dear to us, but also to simplify the organization of the event. For my family can make the trip, we had to choose a date in July, the winter in Australia, which at the base was not ideal, however, this choice ultimately proved to be perfect for the atmosphere we wanted to create. A natural and friendly spirit, with bonfires, mulled wine and blankets to wrap yourself in to stay warm.”

a particular memory

“It’s hard to choose just one memory of this day ! There was so much, starting with my little niece who spontaneously set herself, open arms, in the middle of the aisle when I entered the arms of my parents , to exclaim “Aunty you are too pretty !!”

The ceremony was of course a very emotional moment for both of us, especially when we read our wishes, however I think listening to the speeches of our families and close friends is one of our best memories. My mother in particular, gave a speech in English while it is a language she does not speak, which touched us both very much. My 6-year-old niece also read a poem she wrote herself, which made me immediately melt. We were overwhelmed with love all day and kept having tears in our eyes. And in fact for me it was that the most beautiful, realize that all the people I love were there, around us, and see them having fun and have a good time together and especially to tell me that they were all here for us. A pure moment of happiness and gratitude. “

Advice for other couples

Delegate! We wanted to do a lot of things ourselves and are lucky enough to have a family and great friends who did not hesitate to get their hands dirty on D-Day. It was really great to be able to count on them and I am eternally grateful to them, but I regret that we did not hire one or two people so that all the guests could enjoy the evening at 100% instead of running to please us. Our most important piece of advice : enjoy every moment! We always hear that it’s a day that goes by at a crazy speed and it could not be more true! “

The outfits of the bride and groom

“Whether it was Chris or me, we did not want to spend a fortune on our outfits. We wanted something nice and simple, and even though I’d spent hours watching Grace Loves Lace’s gorgeous dresses, or Still Rue de Seine, I finally chose a dress from the “Bridal Collection” of Spell and The Gypsy Collective, one of my favorite Australian brands, based in Byron Bay.I ordered my dress on the internet and knew instantly that was the only one I tried and I have no regrets. Chris chose a pair of chinos and a jacket he ordered on ASOS, all with a floral tie found on Etsy.

We both liked the mismatched look for our witnesses and left them carte blanche, with the only condition that the outfits have a minimum of cohesion and that the colors are “nature”. To my surprise, it was the boys who took the longest to get organized but the result was exactly what we had in mind. “

The research of the venue

“We visited only one venue and fell in love with it immediately. Nature and open spaces lovers, we wanted the wedding to takes place on the wild” south coast “of New South Wales, a place which is dear to us, since it is there that we escape to camp with our van when we have the opportunity.

The small village of Bawley Point has become obvious. It was here that Chris and his family spent most of their holidays as a child and this is one of the first places he showed me when I first came to Australia. It was also the place my parents had preferred during their first stay in Australia. Bawley Bush Retreat had everything we wanted. A good place to host most of the guests during all the weekend, a place in the middle of nature, available from Friday to Sunday and permission to light bonfires.

In order not to explode our budget, we decided to buy our flowers wholesale. Luckily, we knew a “flower farm”, now a guest house, next to the wedding venue. We absolutely wanted native flowers from Australia and were served ! Linda, the owner and improvised florist has also kindly agreed to create my bouquet as well as those of my bridesmaids. For the rest, we made the compositions ourselves, with the precious help of our friends and our families once again, who also gleaned eucalyptus leaves and ferns to decorate the tables. The result was wonderful ! “

“We wanted our guests to eat well without breaking our piggy bank and we absolutely wanted to avoid the seated meal with starter / main course / dessert, so we opted for a beautiful grazing table by” The Collector’s Nest “(a true work of art!) and delicious wood-fired pizzas by “The Wandering Woodfire Oven.” Our guests were delighted and we had enough to keep pecking all night and stay fit to dance (and incidentally also for the next day)

For the cakes, we had a friend of the family who also holds a coffee and who holds the secret of the best “carrot cake” in the world (yes yes). She has concocted a variety of cakes and rustic pies. A true delight !”

“For the music, we decided to skip the DJ, and just use two playlists on Spotify, one for the meal and one for dancing, and we had Harper Martin, a young local musician who feasted our ears of the sound of his beautiful voice and his guitar between the ceremony and the meal. “

The decoration of the wedding

“We did not have the budget for a wedding planner and even less a decorator and therefore, the decoration was mostly imagined and designed by us, with the exception of a few items that we rented such as barrels, garlands or lawn games. Chris made the panels and the ark for the ceremony, while I made the pennants, gifts for the guests, and collected various objects here and there. Many items are actually part of the decor of our house! It took us a lot of time and I must admit that it has also stressed us a lot but in the end we were both really satisfied and proud of our work (and that of our family and friends, who helped us set everything up on D-Day!) We had a great time together with these preparations, whether it was gathering flowers, cut, sand, paint, sew, perforate eucalyptus leaves by hand to make confetti “eco friendly” or to clean the floor of our kitchen covered with wax after an accident during the making of candles for the ceremony…

At the end of the day, even though it was far from perfect, like what can be seen on pinterest or wedding blogs, that same day, none of that mattered. “

“We used Carla McRae to create a portrait of the two of us that we used to create our own invitations. Having beautiful pictures of our wedding was a priority for us, so even before the date of the wedding We have immediately contacted David and Lea – aka David Latour and Less is more films – of which we are completely fans and who remain the most beautiful meeting of this wedding.

We had actually met them at my sister’s wedding. The flow went well and we had vaguely talked about this crazy idea to bring them to Australia if we getting married one day. A year and a half later, they were still ok, for our greatest joy. We agreed on a date, booked the plane tickets and hop ! David and Lea (and their lovely little Rachel, also here with us) were just great, whether before, during or after the wedding. They were able to put us at ease right away and we also keep an excellent memory of the session we did on the Friday evening before the wedding. A session that allowed us to breathe and find ourselves after a day spent running and stressing.

A special thanks to Lea, who made us the nice surprise to add an image of the place where we got engaged at the end of the video. A small wink that we really appreciated and that only confirmed once again that we made the right choice. Three months later we continue to look, mouths open, the images created by this duo of shock with always the same stars in the eyes. A big thank you to them. “


Officiant : Nicky Surnicky | Venue : Bawlet Bush Retreat | Flowers : Mimosa Eco Retreat – the bride and groom| Porte alliances : The Collector’s Nest | Caterer : The Wandering Woodfire Oven | Music: Harper Martin Music  / Spotify playlist| MUAH : Tayla Jane Makeup – Absolute Hair by Tia |Dress : Spell and the Gypsy Collective | Suit : veste ASOS* | Tie : OTAA* | Wedding and engagement ring : Cushla Whiting & Globe Lane Jewellery  | Photographer : David Latour | Video : Less is More Films | Stationnery: Dessin par Carla McRae | Design of the announcements : la mariée | Printed by: Paperlust | Guestbook: Etsy

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