How to plan the perfect bachelorette party

Organiser un enterrement de vie de jeune fille - La mariée aux pieds nus

Your best friend is finally engaged and you’re the first to know de good news: congratulations! Not think twice, she asks to you to be her witness, you are then the main organizer of her bachelorette party. If this event was pretext to embarrass the future bride with various pledges and absurd costumes a few years ago, today it is looks like more elegant and delicate, and it is above all the occasion to spend a friendly moment between girls. So if you need some inspiration to plan the perfect bachelorette party for your friend, here are some ideas that may help you.

Before starting the organization of this day, some small points have to be not neglected. Take care to respect the budget of each friend of the bride. All may not be able to allocate the same sum of money for the organization of this event, so think about what you want to do collectively and make sure no one is sidelined financially. You also need to think that this day is not yours, but the one of your friend, so focus on the activities you are sure she will like. And most importantly, do not manage everything alone: ​​the bachelorette party also allows to the friends of the bride to meet each other before the big day, so contact them and organize this day together!

A girl trip

What better way to bury one’s life as a girl than to escape for a few days for a girls’ weekend? This is an opportunity for the bride to spend a special moment with her most faithful friends and to escape from the torpor of the organization of the wedding. Stay in a beautiful hotel, in a private villa or even glamping, in France or abroad, surprise the future bride to take her to a destination that is unknown to her and keep the secret until you arrive at the place of the weekend. Once there: tourism, outings, and idleness, concoct to your friend the program of her dreams for a weekend she will remember for a long time!

a cooking workshop
a privatized cinema session
a barmaid workshop
a recording in the studio
a flower wreath workshop
a day at the spa
a workshop of manufacture of organic cosmetics
a treasure hunt
a karaoke party
a photo shoot
A creative afternoon

The bride is unable to stay still? So it is out of the question to organize an afternoon at the spa, suggest  her to attend to a creative activity. And if you want to combine business with pleasure, why not match the workshop to the needs of the wedding organization? For instance a calligraphy class to write name tags on dinner tables, a workshop to make bridesmaids’ flower wreaths, or even a cooking class that can lead to in a nice dinner party.

A crazy photo shoot

Many photographers are specialized in Bachelorette party photo shoots. This is an opportunity for the bride (and her friends) to keep a nice memory of this day, and to compensate the lack of photos between friends on the D day. At the end of this photo shoot, take the initiative to offer to the bride a nice album compiling all the clichés, which will be next to the wedding one a few weeks later.

But most importantly, give yourself timeouts and do not duplicate activities or you could take the risk of doing too much things and not enjoying your day! And even if you do not organize a particular activity, the goal is to have a good time and to chat between friends, there’s nothing better than a simple dinner, brunch or taste for it !

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