How to choose your wedding dress if you’re a plus size bride-to-be ?

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This is not the first time that we want to share with you our tips to choose your wedding dress. Planning, tracking, testing, yes but when we are part of the “plus sizes”? How’s it going?

I often have the opportunity to discuss with future brides who really apprehend this moment which must be a moment of joy of your preparations. What often comes up is the fear of not being able to enter any dress. A humiliation even greater if we already do not feel completely comfortable with our body. (And god knows we have all, big, thin, small or round, complexes that torment us!)

So how to live your wedding dress fittings if you are not wearing a 38 ? We have gathered for you, brides and bridal designers, to help you enjoy this moment with confidence.

Why do showrooms and designers do not offer “big size” fitting dresses?

Few showrooms have the opportunity to propose fitting dresses in all sizes for investment reasons (make a wedding dress is expansive, and propose it in 3 or 4 sizes would be impossible for brands), although many would like to be able to do it. Nevertheless, and according to your comments, some designers propose creations in 44 or 46, like PandoreChristophe Alexandre Docquin or Maison Floret on september.

How are the fittings going when you do not do the “right” size ?

For example, Sarah of Maison Floret says they have some tricks to make the dresses try on all the brides, such as casting a lace drop on the bust of the girl, pinning a skirt, and as if by magic the bride arrives to project herself into this dress that we make for her with a few technical gestures. “We have many brides who are not size 38, and I think they are sensitive to the kindness, hospitality and advice we give them. It is always helpful to let us know in advance for women who are afraid of not being able to project themselves into the exhibition model.

In the same way Charlotte, from Olympe, adds … “At first we talk about their wedding, we try to talk about their desires, their expectations. We then select the dresses discreetly spreading all those they could do not go into avoiding them to be in a delicate position, and then we try on the dresses. Of course, we can not always close but we maintain the dress so that the girl can project. We add accessories: combs, crowns or veils, and often it is good, they see themselves really as a bride at this moment !!”

The Bordeaux designer Eléonore Pauc shares her experience … “Some future brides are really afraid of not being able to try on a dress, but in the workshop we always get there, and if they did not want to try because they are not ready, they do not try, there is no obligation. We get to know each other and we discuss about the project, we start from scratch to develop their dress. This is the advantage of the made to measure.  

The first fitting is that of the prototype (the canvas of the wedding dress) and at this point we review the materials and validate the choices to then try the dress mounted for the first time. The prototype makes it easy to see the rendering I find and it reassures them a lot. “

Which style of dress to opt for ?

Sarah of Maison Floret shares with us some tips to help you choose a wedding dress in which you will feel good, and that will highlight your shape … “We must favor low-waist to lengthen the line, or so high-waist type empire to emphasize the strong points like the chest; fine girdles, well curve the chest, do not hesitate to take off and think about the flying or or 3/4 sleeves that dress the arms and finish the outfit. For the bottom of the dresses, we use a lining a little more opaque and thick so that the bride feels really comfortable, and we bet then on the lightness by proposing silks crepe and muslin applied like a veil on the lining.”

Charlotte … “The fittings were also my obsession, I’m getting married at the end of August, and the designers I spotted were only trying dresses on size 38…. My first fitting at Elise Hameau was very well despite this, and despite my 42 size, I even managed to close some models! It was finally at Lorafolk that I had a crush! Claire, who welcomed me the first time made all to make me feel comfortable, and it worked! Marion, who sewed the dress, was perfect too. She made the dress to measure, and although I was afraid of the result, it is more than perfect! “
fittings at the top

Be to your advantage on the day of the fitting. Come with a good hair style and a light make up (not too much to avoid damaging the dresses by trying on them). Your wedding dress is a unique outfit. So if you came to try on your dress with a sad face, and sad hair, the result would be whatever happens, and whatever your size, unenthusiastic. On the underwear side, bet for skinny and seamless pieces, and a strapless bra for example. Again, it will help you feel better in your dress. Bring with you a pair of shoes whose heel height is about the same as that envisaged for D-Day and in which you will feel good.

Surround yourself with good people

Be accompanied by your closest friends. One or two people you trust, who really knows you, and who understands your desires, and accompanies you with kindness and enthusiasm in this adventure. Doing your fitting together with four girlfriends each with different tastes and opinions could especially complicate the task. So plan this moment in a small committee, with people who will know how to be honest, patient, and enthusiastic.

Marie …“It was my obsession … I did not even want to get married because of it ! Fortunately, my witnesses called all the designers I loved to know if it was possible. All answered yes! The first fitting was always a bit difficult, but you have to dare, it’s too important! “
The sublime Karine (whose photos illustrate the article) … “I am very far from the 38 and I also dread enormously the moment of fittings … I had a crush on the dresses of Maison Floret and this was the first appointment but I was stressed, I did not see how I could visualize the dresses on me when I can not fit in their 38 standard …
The kindness and delicacy of Sidonie, the designer, the first moments of the appointment, his attentive listening without an ounce of judgment or other put me immediately at ease, among all the models that I had selected she was able to direct me to the models whose fabric would be better with my shapes, then in a game of dressing petticoats open behind, bits of tissue pinned gently to reconstruct the model on the bust, it was perfect for me imagine with my dress!
All that to say that your fittings will be fine. The designers are used to brides out standard sizes and will compete with tips to put you at ease and allow you to project yourself into the dresses tried and spend a beautiful time full of emotions!”
trust is essential

Trust the creator or your advisor. They have had the opportunity to see very many brides, they know what they are talking about. You hesitate, and need to be guided, they will help you. You absolutely must feel comfortable, and if not, go see another brand. Fittings of a wedding dress do not happen every day, and this experience should leave you with a good memory.

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where to find her big wedding dress if you have a small budget ?

No worries, even with a smaller budget, it is now possible to find pretty plus size wedding dresses. We have selected for you our favorite pieces discovered on the web, from 44 to 60 (click on the links at the bottom of the images to find the dresses). Once ordered, you will just have to make the ajustments by a seamstress.

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