How to organize an intimate wedding abroad?

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Whether for budget reasons, to cut classes to family needs, reduce the list of guests, or simply by taste of adventure, you may want to get married in a small committee abroad. More and more couples are choosing to break free from conventions and opt for a union far from their country of residence.
But how to organize a wedding in complete privacy abroad?

Who to invite ?

By organizing a wedding abroad, the list of your guests is often reduced compared to a more traditional wedding. The costs and organization (days off, transportation …) that may represent often means that only your closest will really want to attend your day. But this is also the whole principle of a small wedding, minimize the guest list. So you can limit yourself to your closest friends and relatives.

If you wish, you can also why not, organize a cocktail after your return, and invite your friends and acquaintances who could not have attended your ceremony.

Accompany your gests

When you organize a wedding abroad, informe your guests is essential. Apart from essential information such as the place of the wedding, or the date of the ceremony, do not hesitate to accompany them, and to give them a maximum of indications concerning the transports (trains, planes, ferry, shuttles, .. .), accommodation (if it’s up to you or them to do it), activities planned or to be done in the region, the country (customs, currency used, history, weather. ..), the contacts that will be useful to them (hotel, referent, wedding planner …) …

To help them, you can create a website for your wedding, and welcome them with a welcome kit for example.

For the organization

Organizing a wedding when you’re not there can be difficult, even for a small wedding. Do not hesitate to surround yourself with good providers. A wedding planner, a hotel manager, or someone you trust on site will surely be of great help.

Do not forget to check the requirements and recommendations in terms of vaccination.

Which place choosing ?

The advantage when you get married in a small committee is that it becomes possible to celebrate a wedding in almost any place.

With 15, 20 or 30 guests, you could rent a villa or even a boat, and spend a week enjoying all your guests. And in terms of cost, with on average rentals between 1500 and 5000 euros per week depending on the destinations for villas welcoming between 15 and 20 people, the price per person per night becomes really interesting. Another advantage, having all your guests staying in the same place will allow you to enjoy each of them, and facilitate all logistics.

Depending on your destination, some hotels may also offer special wedding packages.

Do not forget to check that the chosen place will have a plan B for your ceremony or your dinner in case of bad weather.

Whatever it be, take care to validate the whole of your day’s progress, as well as the professionals and options proposed before your wedding.

for the journey

Make sure before the wedding, that passports and any vaccinations of you and your guests are up to date.

Be sure to ask how your luggage will be handled, including the one containing your wedding dress, from the chosen airline company. Maybe it will be wiser to keep it in the cabin with you? Just like your wedding rings elsewhere.


If you want to get married abroad, you have several options from a legal point of view.

You can opt for a civil ceremony in your city of residence, and then go celebrate your union in the country of your choice by organizing a second religious or secular ceremony.

It is also possible to get married civilly abroad. Indeed, in some countries, the ambassadors and consuls of France, are allowed to celebrate marriages. This authorization is, in most cases, limited to weddings between French nationals.

The marriage abroad of two Frenchmen or a Frenchman with a foreigner may be celebrated by the local registrar. Once the marriage has been pronounced by the local civil registrar, the spouses will be able to have the marriage entered in the registers of the consular register of births, marriages and deaths civil by the ambassador or the French consul territorially competent, if the conditions of validity are fulfilled.

Beware, however, the same-sex marriage to a foreign authority is only possible in a small number of countries.

I tested : an intimate wedding in Croatia

I had the chance to discover Croatia last week thanks to Airbnb and live a few days in the skin of a guest at a small wedding in this beautiful country (as Alexandra et Nick could do). And I brought back some ideas for you.

Arriving at Split Airport, arrange a shuttle to take your guests to the port, heading for a yacht bound for Hvar Island.
A great way to discover Pakleni islands and their rugged coastline cut into limestone rocks and organize picnics in the coves. Walk through the streets of the city and dine in a seafood restaurant to discover the local cuisine.
The pontoons at the foot of the houses on the coast, the sound of the waves, the sweetness of life, the welcome, the landscapes, everything is incredible. In Primosten, the seafront promenade in the early morning is a walk not to be missed before going to have breakfast in the small harbor of the city.

For the wedding, imagine a ceremony celebrated on one of the small islands of the country, on a pontoon facing the sea, or in the garden of a villa clinging to the cliff or religiously in the church of St Mark in Hvar. For dinner, a private chef, and the terrace of a villa facing the sea, lulled by the songs of a group of talented musicians and before extending the party by a day to laze on the beaches the next day.

In short, you will have understood, I had a real crush on Croatia and celebrate there one’s wedding in small committee is really an incredible experience (and for the curious, I put you some pictures of my trip right here).

useful links

Do not hesitate to consult the government website regarding the administrative formalities of marriage abroad.

Looking for a villa to celebrate your wedding, you will find beautiful places on the site Airbnb.

And do not hesitate to check out the Blog Tips section for even more tips on how to organize a wedding that looks like you.

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