Reduce the budget of your wedding

Dress, catering, venue, a wedding can quickly be expensive, it is a fact. But you’ve often read it here, a wedding does not cost anything, it’s what you put around that costs you the most. And if you decide to get married surrounded by all your loved ones, you do not have to spend a fortune if you do not want to. The important thing is to enjoy those you love. So today, we have put together our best tips for organizing a day which looks like you, with a small budget.

A low budget wedding dress

The wedding dress can constitute a certain budget in the overall organization of your wedding. And yet, you dream of your beautiful princess dress. So be assured, even with a tight budget, do not deprive yourself of this little pleasure! There are now many alternatives to designer dresses, all pretty as each other. For example, do not hesitate to search your dress on the ready-to-wear side. Today, many brands collaborate with designers to offer brides beautiful pieces at very reasonable prices. Go in search of your outfit directly on the shelves of your favorite stores, which are often full of pretty dresses, suits or suits that can completely do the trick, even if at first glance, these pieces are not stamped wedding.

Also remember to inquire with showrooms or designers, who may sometimes offer brides exhibition creations, worn on parade, or dresses on sale that you buy much cheaper than if they were really new. Finally, why not rent your wedding dress? This is a very good alternative for all those who are not ready to say goodbye to their designer dress, but unfortunately can not afford it new. We were talking about it here, today the signs of wedding dresses rental are blooming everywhere in France, so you do not lose anything to take a look on this side. But most importantly, remember: the important thing is that you feel beautiful on D-day, no matter where you bought your dress.

The alternatives to the traditional dinner

Because the caterer often remains one of the most important items in your wedding budget, look for alternatives to the traditional sit-down dinner. For example, bet on the food truck, cheaper than traditional caterers, and that will bring a little madness and friendliness to your dinner. We have also put together a list of our best addresses throughout France to help you in your choice.

You can also prefer a cocktail or aperitif a little longer, and remove the starter to your dinner, to go directly to the table with the main course. This will significantly reduce the caterer’s rating, and finally, your guests may be happier to spend more time strolling and chatting than sitting at the table. And also, why not completely change the format of your dinner, to propose to your guests to settle on big cushions for a big picnic, or for a giant barbecue ?

A charming venue

Choose your venue with care. A nice room will require much less decoration than a room that is less. With a nice venue, a little goes a long result. Pretty linens, pretty dishes, add a few candles and some flowers, and voila ! Bet on a subdued luminous atmosphere, using a bright sky for example, which will immediately warm the atmosphere. It is often mistaken to think that decoration is one of the cheapest items, but wanting to embellish an average venue can quickly raise the bill, and will quickly explode the budget allocated to this part of the organisation. The guests will certainly remember your decoration, but they will also remember the place where they spent the day, so do not skimp on this point!

Take your time

Above all, do not rush, this is the best way to spend money quickly, and sometimes stupidly. Time is your best friend, no need to waste money (and time) investing in things you will not use. Think about what you both want, get inspired by what you see on blogs, magazines, showcases, in short observe!

Wait for sales to make good business, as in terms of outfits as decoration, this will be a significant gain in the budget of your wedding. Look around, be curious, and do not hesitate to push doors that you would not have imagined at first.

Getting married off season

Yes, wedding does not necessarily have to be celebrated during summer ! Choose to get married off season, to benefit from attractive rates for the rental of your venue, but also from your other providers, who are likely to lower their rates outside the summer period. This will also make you stand out from all your friends who have organized their weddings in the summer, one after the other, and that’s another reason to party in the middle of winter!

And think season for all the organization of your wedding: you want to decorate your reception room with peonies? Do not get married in winter, it will cost you much more than at the end of spring, the season in which it blooms. Similarly for food: tomatoes in winter is to avoid, for a question of costs, but also if you want to reduce the ecological imprint of your wedding.

Reuse or do it yourself

Do you want to avoid spending too much on decoration? Feel free to collect some decorative elements here and there, for example from your friends or relatives who have already married. Vases and other containers, ribbons, table linen, all these little things have generaly been bought in quantity, and will never serve them again, so much as they do you service. And reuse does not mean copy, you can create your own atmosphere and your own decoration by borrowing a few items from your loved ones, so do not hesitate to ask them, they will probably be happy to help you and to participate in their own way to your day.

And if you are creative, why not create your own decoration? A good way to fully personalize your wedding so that this day looks like you from start to finish. Be careful though, sometimes it is cheaper to buy new than buying all the hardware to do, make sure that the DIY does not cost you too much in time or money.


And our main tip: ask yourself, and think together about what you really want. What are the most important things in your view, what do you really want to have on your wedding day? Do not spend money on things that do not seem to you to be essential, or that are important for your loved ones. This way, you will be able to get extra budget for things that are most important to you. It’s your wedding, it’s up to you to choose what makes you happy.

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