Renting your wedding dress

The purchase of the wedding dress often represents a big budget when planning one’s wedding. If some sentimental brides-to-be will keep their wedding dress all their life, others brides don’t care about keeping that dress in a closet and would be happy to rent it to not have to spend too much for that.

Same dilemma for the guests, who often buy a very nice outfit for the D-day that it will be impossible for them to wear again because it is too much dressy (it is difficult to wear a sequined dress with sequins to go to work… ). So for all the brides and guests in this case, why not take the plunge of the hiring?

Stop with the received ideas

We often think that second-hand and rented clothes are synonymous with cheap clothes in poor condition. Well, it’s wrong, in most cases. Rent a wedding dress or buy it second hand does not mean “buy a dress at a discount price because of manufacturing defects“. Most of the stores that offer their rental services provide their dresses from already married women, but also directly from the creators or the retailers who sell their unsold products or the previous years designs. These models are sold as new at an unbeatable price. Additional argument: while it is sometimes difficult to find a dress that you have noticed 2 years ago in designers shops, it is possible in second-hand and rental shops, which collect designs of different collections, and sometimes offer a more extensive choice than in traditional shops.

An economical solution

It’s a fact, to  buy your wedding dress is very expansive (about 2000 € or more), especially if you want a designer dress. Let’s be clear : all work deserves payment and the price of a designer dress is justified by the knowledge and the skills of the dressmaker. While some women allow themselves to spend much money in their dreamy wedding dress, for others it is too much expansive for a dress they will only wear once in their life. Thanks to the rental, the question does not arise anymore! Brides-to-be can have the the possibility of wearing a designer dress on their wedding day, paying less than they had bought it directly in the shop.

A space-saving solution

You want to keep your wedding dress, and that’s understandable! But think about the storage of that dress. If you live in a big house where you can store it easily, no problem. On the other hand, if you live in a small apartment, it can quickly take up a lot of space in closets already full. Add to that the conditioning of your dress, which, if it is not properly protected, will quickly turn yellow and get dirty … Rent her dress, it’s finally to have the opportunity to treat yourself on the D-Day with a very beautiful creation that will not take up too much space once your wedding passed.

Le dressing Club : trendy and fashionable wedding dresses, but also original designs from the studio of the Dressing Club.
Ma Bonne amie : dozens (and dozens) of cocktail dresses and very pretty short wedding dresses.
Graine de Coton : a multitude of trendy designer wedding dresses, but also pretty old designs unobtainable anymore in traditional shops.
Les Cachotières : a very large choice of dressy and everyday outfits from pretty ready-to-wear brands (Sandro, Bash, Comptoir des Cotonniers, etc.) and some pretty designer bridal dresses.
Une Robe un soir : Second-hand dresses, bags and accessories from the greatest designers, with a possibility to buy or rent it for 4 or 8 days, a goldmine for the guests, bridesmaids or even brides-to-be who are looking for an exceptional outfit for a special day.
Beaurow : a selection of designers clothes and accessories for the guests but also for the bride, with as a bonus, the possibility of organizing a bachelorette party in the showroom, with fittings and a shooting with a photographer.
Rent to recycle

To rent one’s wedding dress also means that you do not have one especially made for you. We do not think much about it, but making a wedding dress requires time and mastery, but it also costs a lot to the planet. Tissue processing, unused scrap for a dress that will only be worn once. Renting your wedding dress,  your guest dress or renting outfits that you will no longer wear is finally part of a recycling process, to limit the production of single-use clothes. Renting your dress is an eco-responsible gesture, so think about it!

Conditions before renting a dress

Before signing any rental contract, be sure to check the rental conditions of your dress. Remember to check if the dry-cleaning is included in the price of the rent, if the alterations of your wedding dress are also provided by the shop where you rent it, or if you need to call an adjuster before renting (More often than not, the shops take care of adjusting the dress). You also need to look at the rental time provided in the contract: take a margin of time to pick up your dress and especially to give it back. Avoid, under the pretext of making a profit a few tens of euros, to say yes to a return to the shop on Sunday or Monday, prefer the middle of the week following the wedding for more tranquility!

Give your dress a second lease of life

If, however, you have bought a brand new dress, and you want to keep it but despairing of being able to wear it again one day, why not give it a second life? Many retouchers and dressmakers can transform your dress so you can wear it again after the wedding. Shortened dress, lightened lace, they make of it a piece of everyday life that you could enjoy for many more years.

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