To plan a country wedding

You are about to say yes in the coming months and you want a simple wedding, in your image, and that breathes nature? The country style is for you. Flowers and plants galore, soft colors and details of character, the country style has the coast for some years in the future bride and groom. But where do you start when you want to make your wedding an ode to nature?

A stationery that breathes nature

Your announcements are the first elements that will reveal to your guests the atmosphere and spirit of your wedding. If you have decided to opt for a country style wedding, try to transcribe this on your wedding stationery. Floral motifs, handwritten or serif typography, bet on the campaign spirit while remaining elegant. And be careful, country style does not necessarily mean accumulation of details, stay simple if you want the result is simple and delicate. Do not multiply colors, stay in simple tones from which you can easily decline a color theme for the decoration of your wedding.

Which wedding dress to choose

Everything is possible ! Opting for a country-style wedding does not necessarily mean wearing a dress with lace details, on the contrary. Today, the country style blends very well with more refined dresses styles. Remember the wedding of Camille and Brendon in the Landes, they had opted for a country decor, but no less elegant, and the bride wore a sublime modern dress with a minimalist spirit. But of course, if you want to play the country card on your dress, do not hesitate to bet on lace details and fluid cuts, and to accessorize your dress some botanical details: a wreath of flowers or foliage, small pins of hair with delicately gilded, all placed on a bun blurry or loose hair natural …

Be careful though, you will probably spend most of the day outside, so always favor a dress in which you are comfortable, and the same is true for shoes: no heels too high and too needles, at the risk of seeing them sink into the grass all day …

A venue adapted to your theme

Why not a dinner outside? If the season allows, set up your dinner tables outside, in the middle of a field under a big tent, in the shade of linden trees in the courtyard of an old estate, under the olive trees in a beautiful garden, everything is possible ! For lack of clemency weather, bet on a reception room with character, and the charm of the old. Farmhouse, sheepfold, old converted barn, with stones and exposed beams, play the family house and places full of history, lost in the middle of the countryside.

Also bet on places you would not have thought at first to host a country style wedding. A greenhouse for example, is the ideal compromise to dine under the stars in the heart of nature, while being safe from the vagaries of the weather. Be open-minded, because the countryside sometimes hides where you do not expect it!

What are the essential elements for a country wedding?
a venue with charm and character (barn, garden, agricultural shed, family house …)
a simple and easy-going wedding dress
a decoration punctuated with flowers and plants simply assembled
to share with plant motifs
guingland garlands
the materials: wood, linen, cotton, vegetable
A decoration under the sign of nature

Who says country wedding probably says blooming wedding, or at least leafy. Choose simple, light and delicate flowers. Bright colors, pastel shades, or monochrome, everything is possible, provided you choose your flowers carefully. Bet on simple varieties, possibly associated with some more sophisticated ones, but associate them with delicacy and balance.

Keep it simple, put everything on plants and natural and organic materials, such as wood, terracotta, linen, etc. Put the flowers in the center of your decoration, and do not overload your tables. Again, even if you opt for a country style, do not overdo it, at the risk of getting an unattractive result and very overloaded. Plants take a lot of space visually, so stay simple, and attach especially to highlight them: candles, vases, beautiful linens in natural hues, and voila. Another nice idea: look for decorative elements flea flea markets to give character and a story to your decoration. Separate the chairs, plates and glasses, while remaining in a similar style and a range of assorted colors.

And again, beware of the assumptions! Country does not necessarily mean lack of elegance, on the contrary. Many couples choose to put nature at the heart of their day, while remaining very sophisticated, as this couple had done for their pastel wedding in Hungary.

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