A simple and rural wedding in Burgundy

Wheat fields, a radiant couple, a sublime dress and a veil by Delphine Manivet, and the sublime images of Robby and Marina alias Capyture, Hannah and Calixte share with us the story of their simple and rural wedding in Bourgogne

“We chose a family house located in the middle of the forest, which we prepared with the help of relatives and friends several weekends before the event. We mainly worked in the property park, because this is the site natural that we wanted to highlight.

Obviously, it is a long-term job that goes over the events aspect of the wedding, it was necessary to align with the time of the plants several months in advance (staggered plantations etc.), hoping that the plants and shrubs are radiant on D-day … and beyond. We do not regret this time of preparation at all, because what was done for the wedding was also done in the longer term for the family home, making it take a step to it too! “

“The house can not accommodate 150 guests, we obviously had to rent a tent, and after considering various solutions to get out of the white plastic tent (alternatives: Berber tent, circus tent …), and without resorting to “super-premium bamboo-crystal-head-in-the-stars” tents that cost more than one trip around the world, we found a white tent, of course, but with a wooden frame , an original form, and especially removable walls… allowing guests to be immersed in the site.We added a parquet floor in the front extension of the tent to extend the dance floor under the stars, very used! “

“We organized our wedding in the beginning of summer, because we wanted to enjoy a long and stretched evening, with a long cocktail during which we do not hurry to swallow the three canapés that remain on the buffet, and enjoy a soft and declining light. After the cocktail, a meal rather short (without entry, and with a lot of waiters and sommeliers for a fluid service)… and a party as long as possible.We made simple in terms of decoration: a careful lighting (both in the tent, and outside, at the edge of the forest), and an important place given to floral compositions. “

“An original idea (of the bride) for the cocktail / dinner transition: give to the tables names of flowers, and give the guests a flower corresponding to their table during the cocktail, making one or two people per table responsible for the distribution of the flowers to their future table partners … it allowed people to seek and meet a little before the dinner, to exchange around this moment and avoid the wait and the crowd in front of the tent and the table plans . “

Un conseil à partager

“A tip to ensure you double your own memory of visual memories with another (great) point of view, call on Capyture, a couple of photographers who we recommend with your eyes closed! The first crush we had when we visited their site was photos of married people in a forest, and we found that finally their photos highlighted the trees as much as the bride and groom… making them real characters. Our first intuition was confirmed, they were able to capture the essence of the place, while also being very comfortable in the snapshots (cocktail, party, dance scene …) Both are really excellent, nice and discreet more.

Otherwise, a tip enough widespread, but quite valid: let go on the D-Day, which we did without problem, thanks to a good preparation upstream. Two important ingredients: a good planning and a small motivated team for the last week (no need to be 20, a handful of resourceful and creative friends are more effective than an army of soldiers without initiatives).

Do not listen to those who say “you will not enjoy it”, of course we can enjoy and enjoy every moment!


Photographer : Capyture | Suit : L’apiéceur | Dress and veil : Delphine Manivet | Caterer : Dansard | Flowers : Petrichor | Venue : La petite Ronce, Villiers St-Benoit

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