A wedding at Forges de Paimpont in Brittany

Un mariage aux Forges de Paimpont en Bretagne - Photos : Geometry Love - Blog mariage : La mariée aux pieds nus

Marie and Paul chose Brittany, and the edge of the forest of Brocéliande to celebrate their wedding as a big family celebration that would gather their friends and loved ones for a long weekend together. They share with us their simple and joyful marriage at Forges de Paimpont photographed by Geometry Love

“With Paul, our meeting dates back to our first year of business school, it took us only a few days to succumb and finally not to leave each other! It’s been 10 years since our story began. And we could not dream best birthday present this amazing wedding party! “

The proposal

“Paul did this on January 8, 2017, epiphany day, the most beautiful bean I could ever have imagined!” That day, without a doubt, I was the queen and not just any! “

“We quickly started looking for the venue. At first we thought we were getting married in the Paris region, a central point of departure for our families coming mainly from the east and west of France. It was difficult to find a place that was important to us for this special day. “

“We finally chose Brittany, especially the family village in the heart of the forest Brocéliande. Anything then made sense, we were getting married in the same church as my parents.

The place was key, but two things were important to us: the details and make this day a huge party that looks like us! “

“18 months of preparations, we were then able to enjoy every moment: our engagement, the moments shared with our families, the discovery of Brittany to our friends, the preparation for religious marriage but also a civil marriage that promised that beautiful things for the big day! This period was also essential to look for the whole decor and find great providers. “

“The venue we chose allowed us to be surrounded by our incredible band of friends over a long weekend. What a joy to be together in this big house, where laughter and tears mingled. On D-Day, the boys on one side, the girls on the other, we all got ready in a good mood! “A stress brown appeared but there was no reason because the principal was there : our families, our friends & a bright sun in a beautiful forest. “

“A touching religious ceremony in the little village church, an extended cocktail at sunset, a hectic dinner, a wild dance party, and all the touching speeches and attentions we’ve had, this day was wonderful! “

The advice of the couple

“Knowing how to compromise to please each other

Choose trustworthy providers who are committed to understanding what you want

Think of this day as a big party, which will allow you to gather all your friends and families

And of course, enjoy every moment! “


Dress : Mademoiselle de Guise | MUAH : Claire Gilardeau | Suit : Faubourg Saint Sulpice | Photographer : Geometry Love | Video : Mind My Story | Flowers : Sous les branches une féé | Venue : Site historique des Forges de Paimpont | Caterer : Poulain & Fils Traiteur | DJ : The Black Machine | Stationery : Hélène Legay |

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