A vegetal and natural wedding in Corsica

We unveiled a few weeks ago the images of their engagement session on a corsican beach, today, Stephanie and Baptiste share those of their beautiful day! Surrounded by their loved ones and always in Corsica, they celebrated their love as they should, photographed by Soul Pics

“The choice to get married in Corsica was fast. Stephanie is from The Cap, Baptiste from the west coast, we both had the wish to celebrate our union on the island. Cap Corse was the perfect place. Moreover, Baptiste’s family history keeps bringing him back to Patrimonio, where his deep roots go. So we found a house that we rented for a full week. Perfect,  in the middle of olive fields, able to welcome our witnesses for the week. “

“The choice of the service providers, the decoration and the outfits were then pleasant moments of complicity for us.Without putting too much pressure but by wanting to do things in our image, we organized everything in 5-6 months.”

We wanted a wedding over several days, just to really enjoy this moment, and not to see this famous day prepared for months, pass too quickly. Our “wedding” began then on Monday, surrounded by our witnesses which helped us in the last preparations of decoration, between two aperitifs. Then the civil wedding.In small committee (family + witnesses) in a small village of The Cap to finally finish with a picnic on the beach. Friday, the wedding at the Patrimonio Church. Final preparations at home in the morning, a last frugal meal all together before separating to dress with our respective witnesses.

Everything was chained fast enough, the tension grewn up, then down once inside the church. The rest of the afternoon and the evening went on marvelously well, even better than we imagined. The service providers were top and the atmosphere accelerated from 21h, at the end of the first part of the drink to no longer down. We did not want a dish that cut the evening in half. The long cocktail party solution set up with the caterer was a success. The guests sat and ate when they wanted, the evening beating continuously until 5am.

The next day, Brunch with a FoodTruck at Burger to recover from the evening of the day before and afternoon pool for everyone. “

A particular moment

I would say all week, these moments shared with our friends. The moment of his YES that echoes in the vaults of the Church, of course. This moment when the pressure relaxes (especially since it was necessary to learn the texts by hearts !!).

Oh, and also the moment when Baptiste realized that he had lost his alliance in the games of the pool…

And finally, the moment when the alliance is finally found by Aurélie a day later in the depths of a Laurier massif after hours of collective research. We will never thank her enough !!

Advice for other couples

Make a wedding which looks like you to enjoy it to the full, and not lose your ring !


Photographer : Soul Pics | Suits of the groom : Faubourg Saint Sulpice (Church and civil wedding) | Wedding dresses : Laure de Sagazan (Church) ans Sézane (Civil wedding) | Jewels : Lou Yetu – Alliance Chaumet | Groom : Alliance Frojo | Haircut : Hairdrsser in Patrimonio | Make-up : Anne Acquaviva | Caterer : L’atelier du Chef of Nathalie Cermolacce in Bastia | FoodTruck : A Piazzetta | Flowers : langages des fleurs | Stationnery : made by the couple | DJ : Corsican Event, Fernand Charpentier

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