How to really enjoy (and succeed) your couple photos?

Comment réussir ( et profiter ) de vos photos de couple - Photographe de mariage : Baptiste Hauville - Blog mariage : La mariée aux pieds nus

How to really enjoy (and succeed) your couple photos? This is THE moment when you have to enjoy your wedding day! Because in the whirlwind of emotions of the day, between laughs, accolades, the planning, your guests to welcome, this will certainly be the only time where you will truly enjoy a moment to yourself.

Timing, place, pose, wedding photographer Baptiste Hauville shares with us his tips and advice to take advantage of this moment. And for the lovers of his work, do not forget that you will be able to meet him this weekend during the wedding festival love.etc , do not hesitate to come to meet him!

find the time

As we know, a wedding day always goes too fast … But this moment of couple photos is a bit like a “mini-parenthesis” in your day. It will indeed be one of the rare moments where you will find just the two of you! By taking time for this session, your photographer will have more possibilities to make you even more comfortable and thus have natural photos! Of course, the idea is not to escape for 3 hours … 30 minutes will suffice! Half an hour to embrace, to kiss, to laugh … It’s not bad! And if the timing of your day allows you, do not hesitate to devote more time, it will be only a bonus!

the best moment : the end of the day

The end of day light is much softer and warmer. On the contrary, do your photos in the middle of the afternoon (if the weather is nice) will not help anyone! The higher is the sun, the more shadows are marked, and this obviously applies to … your face. The risk is to end up with shiny skin because of the heat, eyes narrowed because of the sun, the shadow of the nose, the “panda eyes”… In short, conditions far from optimal! It should also focus on the evening simply because the stress of the day went away, the ceremony is over, you have already had time to enjoy your guests, you started the cocktail … You’re relaxed! This is the perfect time to have a time just the two of you.

Your photographer covers between fifteen and twenty marriages a year, sometimes even more, so trust him! He or she knows what he/she is talking about!

choose the right place

Successful couple photos also go through the choice of the environment. For example, a large green lawn will lack contrast and variety in the photos. While it is sometimes enough to walk 200 meters to find beautiful place and a light ! I always take the time, during the cocktail, to walk around the venue to make spotting and save time later! If you have in mind a place that makes you vibrate in the middle of the mountains or that just keeps you in the heart, there is always possibility of prolonging the session a few days later, without having to manage the timing, but always in married outfits. Be careful, it is important to take the time to make some photos the D-Day: the emotion is height, and it changes everything!

trust your photographer

This little advice is more important than it seems. Your photographer covers between 15 and 20 weddings a year, sometimes more. We are used to photograph couples! I assume that you are not used to being photographed, and therefore you do not know how to behave in the face of a lens … It’s normal!

The best way to put yourself at ease (in addition to having spent at least the whole day together) is to tell you exactly what to do : I put you in relation to the light, in relation to the back plan, etc. So you will not have to ask too many questions. I tell you exactly what to do to start… BUT! You are two. And because you’re crazy in love, something is going to happen… whether in the eyes, in the gestures, or both. Your habits, small natural gestures will take over and this is where the magic operates! So trust your photographer who will be there to guide you.

eand say yes to the unexpected

Yes… It may happen that the weather is not good on your wedding day. If the sky is gray and cloudy, know that it acts as a natural diffuser. Result: no shadow! This will make it easier for your photographer if you can not do your pictures at the end of the day. If it’s raining, do not panic either! The most important is the light. It may be necessary to take the photos a little earlier than expected to make the most of them before night falls. It is often possible to the shoot indoors, again if the light allows it. Here too, trust your photographer, and talk about your possible fears with him or her! Communication remains the key.

Thanks again to Baptiste Hauville for sharing with us his tips and invaluable tips to really help you enjoy the moment of the couple photo shoot on your wedding day.

About Baptiste Hauville
Photographer, first. Bearded, then. Tattooed, a little. Passionate, especially. Because he is, by his profession, by the travels and the big spaces. But also because he likes to transcribe the passion, the electricity, even sometimes the tension that animates a couple.
Wedding photographer based in Bordeaux, passionate about people, Baptiste Hauville immortalizes lovers for four years now. Inspired by nature, open spaces and heartfelt stories, know that he still has some dates available on his 2018 agenda! So if you’re about to say yes, do not hesitate to contact him!

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