All the essentials for your wedding

When you are planning your wedding, you think at first to the caterer, the venue, DJ, the outfits and the decoration but you often forget all the little details that will save your life on D-day, and those who will make your wedding a day that you will not want to forget. So today, we are offering to you a list of wedding essentials to have on your D-day during the preparations, but also during the ceremony and the reception, for the future brides, but also for gentlemen.

A pretty outfit for the preparations

Yes, your dress is not the only outfit you will wear on your wedding day ! During the preparations, your photographer will be there to immortalize this nice moment shared with your relatives, so it is out of the question wearing your old pyjamas, certainly very comfortable, but not very photogenic. No need to invest too much, but wear something simple, delicate, in which you feel comfortable and especially easy to remove, to not damage your hairstyle and makeup. Bet for example for a nice loose shirt, a flowing dress or even a pretty bathrobe matching with those of your bridesmaids. You will look great on your pictures of your preparations!

A little gift for the groom

We often think to makeup for the bride, but for the groom? Does he not also have the right to be pampered on this wedding day? The day before or the morning of the day, do not hesitate to leave him a small gift in his room, like a nice barber’s kit* to take care of his beard. It is a useful gift, but also a sentimental gift that he could keep long after your wedding, a nice idea to spoil these gentlemen on D-day!

A nice notebook to write your vows

You have paid particular attention to all the details of your D-day. So why write your vows on simple sheets of paper when you can put your words on a pretty stationery? Buy two beautiful notebooks, or beautiful cards matching the theme of your wedding, on which you can write your love.

Something to dry your tears with style

We talked about it recently on the blog, nothing like drying your tears with pretty handkerchiefs rather than simple tissue paper. Once again, the key to a successful wedding is the attention you give to the little details, even those you think that nobody will pay attention. So for all the sensitive bridesmaids, moms, sisters or brides, bet on pretty embroidered handkerchiefs, that you can even customize, they will do their little effect, that’s for sure!

The essentials for your feet

Your feet are the first parts of your body that will suffer from this day spent standing up. With all the pre-wedding preparations to run around, and the D-Day trampling, the  dance, they’re going to need you to take care of them. First, do not forget to break your shoes before the wedding, by wearing them at home (to not damage them), to adapt them to your foot and thus prevent blisters. If ever, make sure you have anti-blister bandages on the d-day, and especially a second pair of flat shoes, to dance until the early morning on the wedding day. And to prevent the heels of your shoes from sinking into the grass of the park during the cocktail, why not invest in small transparent rubber tips, invisible under your dress, and really practical for days spent standing!

The D-day Rescue kit

It will never be too much repeated, but be forewarning the day of your wedding. Make up before the D-day a “rescue kit”, in which you could find all the little essentials that you may need during the cocktail or reception.

  • A sewing kit (thread + needle + scissors + safety pins), which will most definitely be useful for your mom / aunt / grandmother / best friend who knows how to sew to repair a jumper, or a little snag on your dress .
  • A kit dedicated to the beauty, for hairstyle and make-up retouching during the day (lipstick, blush, powder, mascara, hairpins, hairspray, etc.)
  • Deodorant wipes or talc, for very hot days that will make you shine and slip your adhesive bra …
  • A pharmacy kit, to prevent migraine, stomachaches, or sores of any kind, and treat them.
  • Possibly a small snack in case of hypoglycemia and especially a bottle of water to hydrate you.
  • … and whatever you think is useful, but do not take your house with you!
To anticipate a capricious weather

Because the weather can sometimes play tricks, be prepared for any eventuality! Prepare a bag, which you give to your witness, with all the necessary things to prevent a capricious weather: a pair of sunglasses (always accorded to the style of your dress) and a tube of sunscreen for very sunny days, a light jumper for frizzy evenings, but also a nice umbrella, if it’s raining at the exit of the church, or during the photos for example. The rain is not a drama, and it can even give a beautiful atmosphere to your wedding and your photos, of condition of not taking shelter under a foldable umbrella found in the first handbag that dragged. Be careful, and buy a beautiful transparent umbrella for example, which you store in the car, so that it can be unsheathed quickly if necessary.

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