How to prepare your wedding list ?

Préparer sa liste de mariage - La mariée aux pieds nus

Your D-Day is coming and you do not know what to put on your wedding list? If you want to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is better to prepare it carefully! Decoration, furniture, dishes, jewels, linens, or even activities for two, you can offer your loved ones to give you something that will be useful in your life as a newlywed, or simply something that will make you happy.

When do you open your wedding list ?

Count about 4 months before the D-Day to open your wedding list, after sending the invitations for example. Do not go too far in advance, you will risk to get tired of items you have written on it. This time will leave time for your guests to choose the gift that will please you, but that will also make them happy to offer you. And if some guests have not had the time, have forgotten, or maybe want to make a second gift after the wedding (who knows, some of your loved ones may be really very generous), do not close your list just after the wedding, but wait a little, you are not safe from a good surprise once your nuptials past.

You can choose to open your wedding list in the traditional way, by going to the store. You can choose to register the items you like in this store, and communicate the name to your guests.

You can also decide to make your list on the Internet. Today, many sites offer to open a dematerialized list, convenient to distribute it to all your guests! Just give them the url of the website in question, and your loved ones can contribute to your gift at a distance, ideal for those who can not go to the store. You can share the url by email or directly on the website you have created for your wedding, much more convenient and more elegant than to transmit it directly to the guests. On this website, your guests will be able to find all the information related to your big day, such as the addresses of the places of ceremony, reception, housing nearby, and among all that, the wedding list! They will naturally see it, and stop to the delicate exercise of the call to the gifts, which can be a little unbecoming for the bride and groom, even if the guests expect it.

Only veto: never mention the existence of a wedding list on your announcement, it is not made for that. If you have opted to create a website for your wedding, and the wedding list is there, you can however naturally mention the existence of this website on the announcement.

What do you put on your wedding list ?

If traditionally, the wedding list was mainly used to compose your wife’s trousseau, today you can afford almost anything! The goal is that you can treat yourself with what your loved ones offer you. Decoration, furniture, honeymoon or other activities, compose a list to your image.

And most importantly, think of all portfolios. Your guests may not all have the same budget, so think of them. You make an online kitty for a trip or an activity, no worries, everyone can put the amount he wants. However, for a more material list, be sure to include gifts at all prices, so that all your guests can participate to their height to your list.

No wedding list ?

But opening a wedding list is not an obligation! If you do not really want to, you can set up a nice gift box on the guest book table, to allow your guests to contribute financially to one of your project (travel, moving in …). Install a nice box, some cards and pens so that your guests can leave you a note with their present. You can also decide to give this money to a charity, to contribute to a cause that both of you care about. In any case, inform your guests of what you want to do with what they will offer, to make them participate in their own way in your project.

Think to thank your guests

Above all, do not forget to thank your loved ones for their gifts, and for their presence on your D-Day. They were part of this beautiful day, and contributed to your happiness, so it deserves to be mentioned! When choosing your announcements, also choose thanks cards coordinated with these ones, so that they are ready to be sent after the wedding.

Shopping selection

You do not know what to include on your wedding list? No worries, here is a small selection of my favorite decor items to start giving you ideas. And to find all of our special Wedding List selection, feel free to take a look at the blog shop !

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