How to choose your wedding venue ?

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That’s it, you said yes! Now the proposal is made, you are throwing yourself with all your might in the planning of your wedding day, and you are already starting to look for the venue of your dreams to host your reception. Castle, Provencal farmhouse, vineyard or old shed, you have many ideas, but you really do not know where to turn. So today to help you, we give you all your tips for choosing the best place for your wedding.

Choose the région

Before starting to look for the perfect venue for your wedding, start by defining in which région of ​​France (or of the world) you wish to say yes. Near your home, your parent’s or simply in a destination that you like, anything is possible. You just have to delimit your search field to make it easier for you. Try as much as possible not to choose a place too far from the town hall and the church if you marry religiously and civilly, to limit travel and enjoy your day. Also bet on a venue which is close to the lodging of your guests (hotels, rooms of hosts) if you do not house them on the spot. This can be inconvenient for them when it comes to going to bed, or even for those who would not have a vehicle to get from the train station / airport to your wedding venue.

Budget your rental

Choosing a venue is also a question of budget. And this is a point to be approached from the beginning between you two : what is the maximum budget that you can devote to the rental of your venue ? According to this budget, you can sort out what you dream of and what you can offer. No need to dream too much, and therefore to be disappointed if you do not have the right budget.

Define your wedding style

Once the geographical area and the budget are delimited, the serious things begin. Finding your wedding venue means looking for a nice, welcoming place that suits you, but that is also in harmony with the style of your wedding. So define upstream the atmosphere you want to give to your D-Day, and look for your place in consequence. You dream of a country wedding but you have crushed on an old disaffected shed ? Know that it will be difficult to make such a place country, even if everything is possible. Instead, prefer an old stone building with a large shaded park, even if it involves to forget about this beautiful shed. Consent to make concessions or so, change your wedding style. Know that in general the choice of your venue is the first step in planning your big day, so if you change your mind during this search for the perfect place, do not panic. You will see that after choosing your place of reception, everything will be clearer in your mind, and you can then look for your different providers for a wedding that corresponds to the place you have chosen.

How many guests ?

The number of guests at your wedding will also be a determining factor in choosing your venue. Many places only accept a hundred people in their midst, beyond that, it will be necessary to find solutions such as the installation of a large tent for an outdoor dinner, which will necessarily increase your budget a little. The goal is for your guests to have a good evening, no need to squeeze them in the hope that they all fit in a room, it will not be nice for you or for them, and anyway, the owners will probably not agree, for security reasons.

The number of guests will also ask about sleeping. If you want to accommodate your guests on the spot, it will be necessary to rent a place accordingly that can accommodate all. Otherwise, you will have to offer to your relatives other solutions to welcome them for a weekend. Another alternative to a limited number of beds: why not install beautiful tents in the park, to make sleep your guests, or the youngest for example?Near the reception and other rooms, they are a fun solution and even rather elegant (if you choose them good) to a classic room.

Pay attention of the season of your wedding

Do you get married in winter or fall? You are lucky, you will have a greater choice in the rental dates of your venue, and above all, the rates are much more attractive! You get married off-season, so this is an opportunity for you to choose more the date of your union (which often depends on the location of your place) with more freedom, and especially to have a more beautiful place for the same budget as if you had married in the summer. And are not the winter wedding splendid?

The length of your wedding

The length of your wedding will have a definite effect on the choice of your venue. Your wedding does not last more than a weekend? So no worries, book your venue over two days (three if possible, for the installation and storage of the decoration). On the other hand, if you wish to prolong this good moment with your relatives, why not directly rent a lodging or a beautiful villa to organize your marriage? You can arrive a few days before the D-Day, or leave a little after, and so enjoy your loved ones for a long time, without being frustrated not to have seen them enough. This is a very good solution for married couples who welcome their relatives from far away and want to make them meet before the wedding for example.

Be careful of imposed providers

Some venues require the use of specific service providers, such as a caterer, a wedding designer, a DJ, etc. So think, at the time of your visit, to approach this point there with the owner. This wedding is yours, so if you do not recognize yourself in the work of these imposed providers, do not force yourself on the pretext that the place is really pretty. A reception venue is important, but the professionals with whom you share the planning of your big day are even more so.

pay attention to additional costs

Think about the additional costs of renting a particular venue. Some venues are presented with some type of furniture for visits, but they may sometimes not be included in the rental price. In addition, all amenities such as heating, electricity, or access to certain rooms such as cloakroom can be in addition to the rental, so remember to inquire beforehand to avoid unpleasant surprises on the day.

Technical and practical aspects

The technical questions, as well as all the practical aspects that we do not think a priori, require special attention. For example, ask homeowners about electrical installations: can they support the simultaneous connection of kitchen appliances, DJ equipment and the bright sky that you so want to install? And this garlands sky, can it be hung from the ceiling or will you have to change your idea of ​​decoration? Remember to anticipate these issues, to avoid stress the day before the wedding, realizing that what you have prepared for months is finally impossible to install. Also think about your guests with reduced mobility, by inquiring about the accessibility of the place in wheelchair, and the solutions in the case.

In general, do not hesitate to ask all the questions that come to mind to the owners of the venues you visit. No question is silly, and this can avoid some nasty surprises on the D-day.

An original venue for your wedding

Who said that a wedding had to take place in a place made for that? You can go off the beaten path, by proposing to your guests to celebrate your wedding in an unusual place, like the garden of your house for example! Nothing like an backyard reception in small committee  to spend a good day and enjoy all your loved ones! Why not a pretty clearing, a wild beach for an outdoor reception under the stars?

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