How to clean and conserve your wedding dress after the D-day ?

Comment nettoyer et conserver sa robe de mariée ? - Conseils et adresses sur le blog mariage La mariée aux pieds nus - Patrenariat avec les pressings Sequoia

You can be part of these brides who will want to keep their dress intact after their D-Day, to be able to admire it every day, maybe to wear it again or bequeath to your little sister or your daughter. So you probably ask the fateful question: how to keep my dress without seeing it get damaged by the time? To help you, we team up with the Sequoia Pressing team to give you all our good advice to keep your dress intact after your wedding.

Step one: cleaning it at a dry cleaner

Your dress has an emotional value, it is part of the memories of your big day and want to conserve it in the best condition as possible. For that, start by having it cleaned without waiting too much, so that the marks do not become encrusted too much (in the 15 days following the wedding).

Look for a dyer who will take care of such precious clothes and, above all, who have the habit of taking care of them. Again, focus on quality, and not on the price, choose a dyer who works in the old fashioned way, taking care of the fibers of your dress, not a low-cost dry cleaner, which may work faster, but badly. You are not two weeks away, and too many brides had the bad surprise to see appearing dirty marks on their dress a few months after its passage to the laundry because of bad cleaning. This type of clothes is indeed very complex to clean, because of the quality of the textiles used, which needs a special treatment (such as linen that irons very difficultly if it is cleaned with water, or silk that loose its color if it is not dry cleaned), but also because of the ornaments on your dress, such as lace, guipure or embroidery. In short, choose with care your dry cleaner !

A grass stain can not be cleaned in the same way as a mark of wine or a trace of makeup, help your dyer in his work by telling him the nature of all the marks on your dress.

To make it easier for your dyer, try to bring your dress as “pure” as possible, with dirty marks that have not already been cleaned. It may seem frustrating, but if something is spilling on your pretty dress on the D-day, do not try to clean it, at the risk of aggravate the marks. You may be able to pat it with a clean, dry, white napkin (especially no colored paper towel) to limit its effusion, but do not insist too much. And above all, do not try to clean your dress with water, with the contact of the sun, you would take the risk of seeing the mark “baking”, and you will ruin your dress more than anything else …

And because a grass stain can not be cleaned in the same way as a mark of wine or a trace of makeup, help your dyer in his work by telling him the nature of all the marks on your dress, but also where they are located. Indeed, if some of them are invisible a few days after the wedding, they can reappear after a few months (like the champagne marks for example, but also the sweat stains that turn yellow after a few months if they are not cleaned properly). Also tell your dry cleaner that you prefer it to be washed in a clean bath, and carefully inspect your dress when you get it back. The colors, the fluidity and the flexibility of the fabric of your dress should be the same as when you bought it !

For a quality cleaning, and especially for a careful ironing of your dress, count at least 80€ at Sequoia dry cleaners. You will obviously find cheaper solutions, but in general know that a quality dry cleaning will offer you this type of prices.
Storage your wedding dress

After cleaning, place to storage. And it is out of the question to relegate your dress to the cellar. Your precious one needs to be kept warm in a dry place, neither too hot nor too cold and regularly ventilated. For this, there is nothing better than your dressing room !

Be careful though! Keeping your dress in a dry place is not enough to keep it intact. Also think about how you put it away. Hang it instead of folding it several time in a box, to prevent it from creasing. Use a pretty cloth hanger that can support the weight of your dress and will not stain it. Veto on metal hangers, which can deform clothes and leave rust stains over time. Also watch out for wooden hangers, which can also stain your dress if the oils that come off reach your precious fabric.

And if you want to opt for packaging it in a box (you may not have the space to store your dress in your closet), prefer those that are created especially for that, and that can contain your dress flat by limiting the folds. Opt for example for pretty storage cases J’aime ma robe, created especially for that !

Last tip: Hanging on a cloth hanger in your dressing room, do not keep your dress in its carrying bag, it is not made for that ! It does not protect your dress, and in addition, it can accelerate its deterioration (yellowing, mold, discoloration, etc ..), because of its finesse that lets the rays of light. Choose a cover especially designed for this, in cotton, which will allow its conservation for many years!

Mothproof to keep his dress

Moths are the worst enemies of your dress. If you do not regularly take your precious out of your closet or its case, the dust will accumulate on it, and attract these small critters, which contrary to popular belief, feed on all tissues. So take out your dress regularly (the occasion for you to admire it from time to time) and use organic mothproof in your wardrobe, which you will change every three months. And above all, no direct contact with the dress!

We do not forget the accessories

If you think directly about the dress when it comes to cleaning, but do not forget all your accessories, which will also need a little cleaning. Veil, shoes, will be cleaned to save time damage, as well as your jewels, which will age and be damaged if you do not take care of them and do not keep them properly. If you wear them regularly after your wedding, this is good, but if you leave them in a jewelry box, do not neglect the to clean them regularly, to avoid them tarnishing.

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