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Exit traditional sweets, for several years now, guests favors are more personal, fun and offbeat. But among the multitudes of ideas on the Internet, it is difficult to make a choice. Food, decoration, delicacies or condiments, we often miss inspiration to stand out from other grooms and please our loved ones. So today, you are given ideas to spoil your guests in an original way.

Sweet favors

Because we are never against a sweet little sweetness, why not offer a little gourmet favor to your guests? Honey, sweets, lollipops, chocolates or biscuits everything is about to please all your guests! More and more beautiful brands now offer very cute confectionery that can be customized according to the theme of your wedding, the atmosphere of it or your personality: for example offer personalized chocolates lollipops
marked with your initials or the date of your wedding, or even pretty transparent flower lollipops: delicate and elegant, they are everywhere on the web, and have the advantage of integrating easily into your wedding decor, to be original without doing too much, and to please the little ones as well as the oldest of your guests.

Personalized tote bags – A wedding in Perche – Baptiste Hauville

Little sweets nicely presented – A wedding in Perche – Baptiste Hauville

Favors presented into furoshiki – A grey organic wedding – Ingrid lepan

Flavored salt – A wedding at the Domaine de Mauvoisin – Fabien Courmont

Straw hats – A wedding at the Domaine de Sainte Colombe – Coralie Lescieux

Small jars of jam – Green wedding at the Barbirey Castle – Capyture

Personalized wooden badges – A wedding at the Huilerie d’Incheville – David Latour

Candles in porcelain cups – A wedding at the Domaine de Patras – Lorenzo Accardi

Personalized pins – A blue boho wedding – Chloé Lapeysonnie

Sweets in monogramed pouch – A wedding in a Landes forest – Yoris Photographe

Personalized foutas – A wedding in Porto Vecchio – Coralie Lescieux

Cartons of candies and handmade jams – A wedding in Auvergne – David Latour

Pop-corn cornets – A wedding in the Pyrénées – Baptiste Hauville

Vinyl records – A mountain wedding – Reego Photographie

Temporary tatoos – A wedding in Auvergne – David Latour

Local flavour favors

You are getting married in Provence? Give your guests a small vial of olive oil, or lavender candies. Marriage in another region of France? Bet local fruits jams or jellies, made by yourself, bought from a small local producer or on the net. Even if all these little gifts are already seen, they always make their effect with your guests who can discover new flavors that are sometimes unknown to them. And if you want to get off the beaten tracks and stand out by offering anyway this type of favors, bet on unusual flavors, such as Espelette pepper jelly if you get married in the Pays Basque for example.

Hand-made candles

Food is good, but it is not eternal. Do you want to offer a more personal and less ephemeral favor to your guests? Offer them small decorative items, they can then reuse in their daily lives. And for this, nothing like a candle personalized in the spirit of your wedding. Many websites offer the bride and groom to choose the design, the fragrances of their candles, so that it fits perfectly with their wedding. And if you want to combine the beautiful and the useful, you can also choose to personalize each candle with the name of each of your guests, and then use it as a name tag on the dinner tables.

A vegetable favor

Besides food and decoration, you can also opt for the trend of small succulents to offer to your loved ones on D-Day. Not expensive and very resistant, it will survive even to guests who do not have green fingers! And to customize them, nothing easier! Place the small plants in planters in your wedding colors, print small labels with the image of your wedding and tie them around the planter with a colored ribbon, or a little bit of linen rope.

Useful and cute favors

Why not to offer to your guests something they used during the ceremony and the wedding? For instance, put small embroidered tissues on each seat during the ceremony so that each of your loved ones can wipe their little tears of joy. Do the same with fans if the ceremony is happening outdoors, or even umbrellas, which will have the advantage of being identical and pretty on your wedding photos! You can also silkscreen glasses, which will be used by your guests during the cocktail, and which they can bring home afterwards!

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