20 ideas to reduce the cost of your wedding

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When we decide to get married, the question of the budget arrives very quickly. Usually, lovers take the problem in the wrong way, wondering how much they will have to spend to celebrate their wedding. This is not the first time I will mention here, but a wedding does not cost anything, that’s what we put around which increase more or less the note. So, the starting point for this budget discussion should be this  question :  how much can  we spend for this day so that we do not have to ask a credi to the bank, or eat pasta seven years to come? Then, you will have to choose between your desires and this budget to see what is feasible or not. But in the meantime, I have found some ideas for reducing the budget of your wedding.

Reduce the number of guests

The best way to lower the bill is to reduce the list of guests. Quite simply. This solution will also allow you to according to your budget, stick a little more to your desires. For example, for our own wedding, we had a budget. And we put in parallel our desires (a very good dinner, a venue with character …) and the list of our guests. First calculation; 300 people in the venue we wanted and our budget quadrupled. Impossible. Second calculation, we could have 300 people in a communal hall without charm and serve a simple dinner. Possible, but not optimal. So we reduced the list, and so could celebrate our wedding with 48 of our closest, in a beautiful Parisian room with a great meal for the budget we had set. The question is not to ask the pros or cons of the communal hall or a gourmet dinner, but to ask the question of what is important to you. For us at this time, dinner and our desires took precedence over the fact of inviting half of the village (95% of whom we do not know so …).

nothing is obligatory

Forget the sentence “it does not fit for a wedding”. If you have a budget to respect and really want a rhubarb pie for dessert, go for it! You do not have to sacrifice yourself to the sacred wedding cake if that’s not what you want.

Be sure since the begining

Be sure of all your wishes to you and your parents if they are involved in the preparations before booking anything for your wedding. This will save you from having to cancel certain bookings and may be losing some down payments..

Take your time

Fashions and cravings change. Avoid getting into decoration purchases too early. It would be a shame to realize at three weeks of the D-Day, that these 70 butterfly candles were really not a good idea.

a winter wedding

An off-season or weekday wedding may be the way to save some of your budget. Have you thought about it?

get off the beaten tracks

For your wedding dress, there is for all budgets, do not forget to look outside the traditionnal wedding dresses shops to find your happiness. I have listed for you in this article my best addresses for budget wedding dresses.

For the flowers

If you want to reduce the flower budget, you can for example ask a florist to realize for you the bridal bouquet, and the buttonholes and opt for centerpieces made of green plants and candles, one or two beautiful flowers in bottles or soliflores, and it is done ! Totally DiY, with a friend to help you on the D-Day.

Ask their help to your relatives

Put family talents to work! A handyman dad? He will surely enjoy build for you this nice wooden lemonade bar. Same for your granny Jeannette, queen of strawberry jam. And if you are looking for empty jars, here is my favorite address.

The major budget for your wedding? The dinner

Review the dinner menu. The option with two starters, a meat, a fish, Norman hole, cheeses, desserts is no longer the norm. Opt for the burger or pizzas truck, the picnic in a park, or the barbecued whole lamb in single course! So friendly!

Ask yourself the good questions

Demandez vous vous si vous avez vraiment besoin de cette Jaguar type E couleur menthe? Si la réponse est non, peut être pouvez vous vous concentrer sur d’autres postes et revenir sur la question de la location d’une belle voiture vintage pour votre arrivée une fois le reste des factures payées?

Ask yourself if you really need this mint Jaguar type E? If the answer is no, maybe you can focus on other posts and come back to the question of renting a beautiful vintage car for your arrival once the rest of the bills paid?


The flowers of the ceremony will be superb replaced for the cocktail then on the desserts buffet. They are then, so much to reuse them. Be careful, if you make a ceremony at the church, it is customary to leave all the same a composition for the offices of the week, but you can safely retrieve the compositions on the benches for example.

One object two functions

Why not use your guest gifts like place mark for example. A dual use that will significantly lower the rating.

Be careful with DiY

If doing things yourself can bring down costs, it’s not always true, sometimes it’s better to buy things and customize them a bit.

Stay attentive

A walk in the city, a jewelery which just about to close shop, and hop, you find the rings of your dreams at half price.

go to the sales

With the arrival of new collections of wedding dresses, some shops sold the creations of the previous season. Keep a close watch on their news between late August and early October.


It’s stupid to say but we often forget to multiply the prices by the number of guests. So yes, this custom tote bag with custom logo only costs 3,50€, but multiply by 170, and the note climbs to nearly 600 euros. Finally this nice bag of seeds to plant at 90 cents will also make a beautiful effect.

Something borrowed

And if your best friend lent you her pretty brooch? Or your sister her bridal veil? Little things that end to end could allow you to lower the note.

A participative wedding

Your venue offers housing on the spot? Ask your guests to cover part of these sleeping expenses, so you can refund part of the rental of the place.


You have invested in some nice decorative details, vases, vintage objects or vintage porcelain, if you do not want to keep these items at home after the wedding, why not give them to other brides. For that, ebay, Etsy, le bon coin or Annonces Dentelle will be perfect.

Choose your venue with attention

Choose a venue full of charm which will avoid you to spend big sums on the decoration. Nothing is more expensive than camouflage.


A menu for four, a ceremonial book for two, nothing prevents you from reducing the number of paper prints to reduce the budget. And then I promise you that apart from your mother, your great aunt and Grandma Eugenie, there is a good chance your guests will leave them on their chairs as they leave.

And you had to juggle the numbers and make choices to respect your budget? Tips to confide with brides? Feel free to share your experience in the comments.

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