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Maison Lemoine - Robes de mariée - Collection Amour Nomade - Photos : Marion Colombani - Blog mariage : La mariée aux pieds nus

Discovery and crush this morning for the collection of wedding dresses Amour Nomade by Maison Lemoine. Each piece is carefully crafted, in Paris or Europe, in small quantities, so as to guarantee each lover a quality garment.

True to the spirit of the brand, each top, skirt, pants and accessory has been designed to be worn in different ways allowing all future brides to own their wedding outfits. On our side, we have a preference for the jupe Delphine and its casual look or Rosa dress and delicate accordion tulle.

Maison Lemoine advises its customers in the choice of their outfits, in its beautiful Parisian showroom, but also online, and offers to complete their outfit, a range of accessories, in line with the selected clothes. And for the Lyonnaises, know that the brand will be present from April 25 to 28 alongside the house Les couronnes de Victoire for an exceptional pop up store at Studio Quotidien (La mariée aux pieds nus offices)!

Maison Lemoine also offers future brides to create, from existing ready-to-wear collections, semi-tailored civil wedding dresses, for an exclusive and totally personalized dress.


Dresses and jumpsuits : Maison Lemoine | Photographer :  Marion Colombani | Model : Barbara Bechini

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