A Rustic and elegant wedding at the Domain des Bonnes Joies

Elegance, tenderness and lot of love, discover the beautiful marriage of these two lovebirds who said “yes I do” a few months ago in the beautiful Domaine des Bonnes Joies, through the lens of Anaïs, aka Moonrise Photography

The bride tells us more about the first time they met… “Us, we have somehow always known each other… We went to the same school from age 3 to 10, then Seb left Paris with his family. Thanks to the social networks magic, we have been reunited 10 years later. We started the relationship very quickly and we grew up at the same time as did our relationship: studies, trips around the world, first apartment, expatriation in London … We did  everything together. “

The proposal

“Seb proposed me a year and a half ago. We went on vacation to South Africa at Cape Town, to spend time with friends living there. A big (and super hard) 3-hour-hike was awaiting for us to climb to the summit of Table Mountain. What I did not know yet, was that Seb had planned to propose at the top. I wanted to give up 20 times (hiking at 35 C° was hard!) and so, he pushed me and pushed me to pursue to the end. Arrived at the top, we had to go down after having spent only 10min at the peak. There was too much wind and everyone had been asked to come down due to safety reasons. So, the first proposal failed! He finally made his proposal on the beach the next day at the end of the day and we were able to celebrate this beautiful moment with our friends around a great picnic.”

The wedding preparations

We absolutely wanted to get married in France and not in London where we are living, then it would be more convenient for our families and friends. So, we decided very quickly to call on a wedding planner.  It was obvious to work with Elodie de La Petite Agence: I loved her aesthetics and we immediately got along well. We wanted to have less stress as possible so we let her manage all the searches of providers. She was always present, available, attentive and extremely kind.”

We wanted a relaxed atmosphere, without a dress code (my brother wore jeans and sneakers) and also that everyone feels comfortable and meet with us during the day that we organised… So for the caterer, we opted for something convivial. The main dish was a dish to share in the middle of the table and not a plate service: we wanted this little less traditional something that looked more like us. I absolutely wanted the dinner to be on long tables rather than round tables, so the dish to share would work well with this table setting.”

“A very important element for us: the location. For the ceremony and the cocktail reception, we wanted something with character and a very nice exterior. We chose two places to visit among the choices and about 5 seconds after having passed the door of the Bonnes Joies, it was love at first sight! As if all that was asked on paper was before our eyes. Vintage, industrial, unique ! Friends and family have talked to us again about this place for weeks after the wedding…On the D-Day, it was exactly this type of atmosphere we had in mind. And even if we took part in all the preparations upstream, we were still dazzled on the wedding day by seeing all the decor and atmosphere that Elodie and her team had created.

The choice of the photographer was a pretty delicate subject… But Anaïs’ work conquered Seb: he immediately fell in love with her photos. We had the chance to do an engagement session to learn each other, which made things even easier on the D-day. We were enormously seduced by her very poetic and in the moment relationship to the image. She has always put us at ease with her kindness, humour and discretion.”


“The D-Day team of La Petite Agence was there to manage everything. We only had to take care of ourselves and enjoy the company of our relatives and friends. We wanted a “stress-free” day and to really have the maximum of time for each person, without worrying about logistics. Throughout the preparations, we trusted them 100% on the recommended providers. And rightly: we were really dazzled on the day of the wedding. And what to say about the flowers! The florist had slipped Proteas (South African flower) in my bouquet and also in those on the tables, a nice nod to our engagement in South Africa.

My favorite moment in the preparation was the confirmation of the location. It was starting so well! We were confident from the beginning. Then the installation of the decoration and scenography on the D-day: everything really began to take shape and to be put in place before our eyes.

Seb’s sensitivity particularly marked me on the wedding day. He is often reserved about his emotions and rather introverted about it but he was moved to tears many times that day. It was extremely touching to see.

A tip for the bride and groom

My only advice would be to get help as much as possible. We had a huge chance to have a great wedding planner who was able to run her magic all year long before the wedding and allowed us to avoid as much as possible to stress and therefore to only enjoy the good times. We were able to focus on each other and the people we love instead of thinking about all the small hassles of the preparations.

The addresses

Dress: Daarlana Couture | Beauty make-up: Amarylis Green Beauty | Suit: Ben Sherman | Bow Ties: Le Colonel Moutarde | Shoes: Asos | Photographer: Moonrise Photography | Flowers: Reflets Fleurs | Location Les Bonnes Joies| Caterer : Food Comedy| Wedding planner, deco and stationery : La Petite Agence des Grands Moments | DJ: L’Atelier des Emotions | Ceremony officer : A vos souhaits

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