An atypical, colorful and intimate wedding in Haute-Savoie

Un mariage atypique, coloré et en petit comité en Haute-Savoie - Photos : Amandine Marque - Blog mariage : La mariée aux pieds nus

Do what you want, as you want, if Pauline and Seb had a council it would be this one. They organized the atypical, colorful and joyful marriage they wanted before, in Haute-Savoie near La Clusaz, and share today on the blog this day photographed by Amandine Marque.

Pauline shares with us the story of their story and their wedding… “Seb and I met in 2010, an atypical meeting, I was not his type of girl because several years separated us in addition to having In spite of this beginning, we quickly moved in together, adopted Toy (an adorable French bulldog) and then Chat-rlie (a character-shaped “tortoiseshell” cat). As the years went by, seven precisely, the loss of my father made me reminded me that happy events like marriage are rare and precious moments in life and I decided to talk to him about our marriage (well, rather to talk to him about it again …) He was always anti-marriage and he did not has never followed the codes because it is rather instantaneous and authentic. “

the marriage proposal

“In December 2017 during a stay in the Canaries hiking on the volcano Teide during the sunset (a bit of romance anyway), I asked him the question, he said yes but thinking of a strategy for me to leave him alone, I did not take his answer seriously … It took me a week to talk about this famous question and it was only then that he replied that he said YES and we were going to get married (dance of joy).”

The preparations of the wedding

“We had 9 months of preparations for an off-code wedding, a feast of love, an atypical and intimate wedding in the mountains where I come from and which was the place of our first meeting. organized, the place “Les Ecotagnes” dealing with the catering / bar / sleeping and I took care of the decoration and flowers with help on the morning of the D-Day for the establishment by the girls of Blendeas. We chose different alliances of the talented Myrtille Beck and Paulette à bicyclette, made-to-measure and recycled materials that were brought to us by Toy at the town hall.As for the photo it’s Amandine Marque that I asked because I already knew it and did not consider it otherwise: she has the power to discreetly intrude into the family, the relatives and produce natural and authentic photos, taken on the spot and full of emotions. “

The day of the wedding

“We wanted this day to be really unforgettable for our guests, we gave them an appointment in the morning at the town hall where they had no idea of the program of the day. After the ceremony we took them to the mountain, a Shuttle picking them up to climb an impracticable path, then the last meters were done on foot all together guided by smoke in the forest until the discovery of this beautiful cottage and its tree houses nestled in the hollow of a clearing. Our guests were delighted because they did not expect such an unusual place and atmosphere for a wedding. “

The best moment

“This whole day was out of time and space, a flutter of happiness, a lot of emotions (I forgot my bouquet from the beginning of the morning) .We really enjoyed being in little committee, in a magical place, a great mix of friends, family and all generations, it was really amazing to see the people who matter most to us all together with so much energy. “

a particular memory

“My witnesses and friends had prepared the funny song that we had sung during one of my EVJF (I had the right to three EVJF, haha thank you girls), and this song became the hymn of the day with a super improvised photo shoot in the nature with the remaining smoke, a moment of madness that will remain etched in my memory. “

a tip for future bride and groom

Do what you want and how you want it! What in the end, the guests and we liked the most is the originality of our wedding (the choice of my dress also for example).

The choice of the photographer. Although the memories remain engraved, this day passes so quickly. It is really important to have a quality provider. When Amandine provided us, the slideshow and the photo gallery we rediscovered details and relived each moment what was truly magical. “

“The wedding was on the 1st of September we had the only day of bad weather on all weekends, (it was the heat wave before and after) and since we were in the mountains, it was quite cold. that I could not control and was forced to let go in. To finally realize that the D-day, the time is not really important. “

professionals recommended by the couple

Venue : Les Ecotagnes  | Dress : Frock and Frill | Bridal accessories : Pakita bijouterieAsosNew balance | mua : Elodie Marcos | Suit : Asos | Groom accessories : BrixtonAsos, New balance | Photographer : Amandine Marque | Flowers : Botanique Bazar | Caterer : Les Ecotagnes  | DJ: Radio meuh & friends | Decoration : Blendeas | Stationery : perso | Wedding cake :Patrick Agnellet | Video : Yann Gilquin

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