A bohemian wedding at the Domaine des Bonnes Joies

A Bohemian wedding with Peaky Blinders accents for Melanie and Thibaut who said yes at he Domaine des Bonnes Joies in the Paris region, accompanied by Artis Evènement and photographed by the German duo Chris and Ruth.

Mélanie tells us their story … “We met at primary school at the age of 9. Children, we were not necessarily close, however I was already interested in Thibaut from his youngest. We met again a few years later and we never left each other. It’s been nine years now. We went through various stages of a couple’s life that only united us more and reassured us about the choice to get married.

A little more than a year and a half ago, Thibaut simply proposed during the walk of our dog, my answer was yes without hesitation! “

“We wanted our wedding to be in our own image, simple authentic and different at the same time.We are not the type to love the fairy tales or mushy weddings. We chose a Bohemian theme with Peaky Blinders inspirations, what is corresponding to us in real life. We started by finding the venue, which was our first love at the time of our preparations: the Domaine des Bonnes Joies. This venue both authentic and magical (carefully decorated by Geraldine Deschamps) was the ideal place to create a warm, rustic and bohemian atmosphere. We visited only this venue and it was the first crush of our preparations.

“To sublimate this venue we wanted to make a point of honor on the decoration to put a touch of our personalities in it. It was at this moment that we had our second crush … Artis Évènements. A great team of girls full of life, passionate about love, weddings and decoration. What motivated us to join them in our adventure by entrusting our organization of D-Day to a person who has marked our spirit, Kateline.  She has been more than just a wedding planner, her professionalism and kindness have made her a friend who has listened to us, reassured us and helped us make our day to perfection. “

“For the flowers, we wanted something simple including a mix of wild flowers with botanic colors to soften this very industrial venue but also find the bohemian spirit of the wedding. To do this, we met the talented Laetitia of Reflets Fleurs, whom we had full confidence in her artistic talents and who was able to give free rein to her creativity on this project. Eucalyptus garlands, scabious and dried flowers blended in perfectly with the decor. “

“I opted for a dress by Rime Arodaky that reflects very well my rock side while keeping a bohemian and glamor spirit. The perfect mix for a girl like me who is not very feminine. The costume of Thibaut comes from London at the tailor Thomas Farthing renowned for their vintage-style English costumes, perfect for the theme! “

“In order to immortalize this day and remember it in the most beautiful way, we had the chance (not to mention the honor) to have the adorable and talented couple as photographers : Chris and Ruth! Right from Munich, they agreed to come for our union! They knew how to make our wedding magic by capturing moments and details in the most beautiful way … Another favorite of this experience! “

“To sum up, our wedding was a great experience, a lot of stress, but it was well worth it, and the result of all these encounters made this day the most beautiful day of our lives!”


Dress : Rime Arodaky | Suit : Thomas Farthing Londres | Photographer : Chris & Ruth | Flowers : Reflets fleurs | Venue : Les Bonnes joies | Caterer : Entre mets et Fragrance | Wedding planner / designer : Artis Evénement | Decoration renting : Big Day Bazaar |Naked Cake : Synie’s

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