A bohemian wedding at the Domaine de La Javernière near Lyon

Un mariage champêtre au Domaine de la Javernière près Lyon - Photos : Matterhorn Photography - Blog mariage : La mariée aux pieds nusUn mariage champêtre au Domaine de la Javernière près Lyon - Photos : Matterhorn Photography - Blog mariage : La mariée aux pieds nus

A meeting during their studies, a surprise wedding proposal in Amsterdam, Marion and Thibaut share today on the blog the story of their history and their bohemian wedding at the Domaine de La Javernière near Lyon photographed byMatterhorn Photography

“We met 8 years ago at the Faculty of Medicine, we were a year apart, but we found ourselves both in the student office and organized the annual faculty gala show. On the evening of the gala, when there was a problem of sound, he took me in his arms, to comfort me … The rest is history! “

The proposal

“We visit every year a European capital on a big weekend, we have chosen for 2017 Amsterdam, a city that was close to our hearts because we love architecture and interior design. Nice trip, that Thibault has made his request, no frills, something simple, that looked like us.We traveled the city by bike, and we chose to take a break in the VondelPark.Long in the grass, we We were huddled together, and after a few gentle words, Thibault asked me to marry him, in a timid, loving murmur, a splendid ring in the hollow of his hand. bursts of laughter, and a big yes.

The ring was in the cabin suitcase, and apparently it was only visible on x-ray screens at the airport security, but I did not see anything ahah! “

the day of the wedding

“Tout a commencé par les installations le vendredi après-midi, où nos familles et nos amis proches sont venus prêter main forte avec une générosité sans faille. Ils ont été extraordinaires, et je ne les remercierai jamais assez. Je courais de la cérémonie, au dîner, au cocktail, sans réellement servir à quelque chose, toujours happée par une question et par la bienveillance de nos proches qui cherchaient à ce que tout soit parfait. Les garçons ont porté, posé, déplacé, et les filles ont décoré, noué, minutieusement… Rien que cela, c’est un précieux souvenir que de se savoir entourés de ce type de personnes.
Nous avons fini l’installation plus tôt que prévu, et nous avons profité d’un super repas tous ensemble, le soir, dans le jardin du domaine, nous avons dansé et joué à la pétanque. Je me suis couchée assez tôt, mais je n’ai pas fermé l’œil, comme Thibault d’ailleurs. On s’est levé avec le lever du soleil. Je suis sortie immédiatement, pour vérifier que tout ce qui avait été installé à l’extérieur la veille, n’avait pas été abîmé.

“It all started with the installation on Friday afternoon, where our families and close friends came to lend a hand with unwavering generosity, they were extraordinary, and I will never thank them enough. I ran at dinner, at the cocktail party, without really being used for something, always caught up in a question and the kindness of our loved ones who were looking for everything to be perfect.The boys wore, posed, moved, and the girls decorated, knotted This is just a precious memory to be surrounded by this type of people.
We finished the installation earlier than expected, and we enjoyed a great meal all together, in the evening, in the garden of the estate, we danced and played petanque. I went to bed early, but I did not sleep, like Thibault by the way. We got up with the sunrise. I went out immediately to check that everything that had been installed outside yesterday had not been damaged.

I discovered with immense pleasure the place of the ceremony bathed in the morning light. The floral decoration was crazy. It was incredible. It was D-day. I still did not believe it. I did not swallow anything, I fooled some facilities, until my witnesses told me that they took over and they sent me to prepare me. “

“Once ready, I went to see Thibault, who was waiting for me outside, he was handsome, we cried, our friends applauded from the windows of the house, I loved this moment, he was only to us, but also to everyone, we jumped in the car for the civil ceremony, and we went back to Thibault’s 2CV, married, delighted, and the secular ceremony is a wonderful memory Emmanuel, our officiant, We are all so blown away, so many emotions, it’s a whirlwind of crazy love for which we’re not ready, it’s indescribable, to listen to Thibault’s sweet words, it was the most beautiful moment, the most great happiness, I’ll never get tired of it. “

“Finally, the cherry on the cake, it was the flashmob of our loved ones. It was planned to cocktail, but for reasons of delay in the planning and photos of couple, they could not do it. then scheduled with Vincent, our DJ, to follow on after our opening of the ball.At the end of our choreography, we had expected that people join us on the dance floor.But nothing happened, we were all alone at middle of the dancefloor. Finally, the song changed, and I felt Vincent catching us to step back from the dancefloor. And simultaneously, everyone stood in front of us, and it started to dance, it was amazing, we were amazed, we did not expect it at all, an extraordinary moment, we do not know our choreography anymore but we will never forget the them! “

a tip to share with the other couples

Take it in advance! This is not a myth. Good providers are booked hyper fast, in all areas. Trust yourself, if you have the feeling with someone, it’s a good sign. I would like to point out that I recommend with closed eyes all the providers of our marriage, who have been of an energy and an unprecedented professionalism.

Know your budget priorities. We can not have everything as in our dreams, but to get close to it, we must decide what is important and worth the cost, to look for less expensive solutions on other positions.

In the case of a secular ceremony, I really advise to address a professional officiant, who will write, organize and punctuate the ceremony, it’s a real headache. Conversely, I think that the wedding planner is not essential, if we know his decor desires, and we have the best providers to trust, we do!

PERS-PE-CTIVE. It’s a stressful day, but it goes so fast, and we must not miss this beautiful moment. Letting go is what allows you to enjoy, all the work done upstream can be worn by the day.

if we had to redo it

If it was again, we would find a way to take some pictures with our loved ones, because with the delay of the secular ceremony, we had to leave to do our couple photos in disaster before the sunset, and we regret not to not having some pictures of the cocktail, with our close friends and our families … But we do not control everything!

The adresses

Civil dress : Suncoo | Ceremony dress : Clémentine Iacono | Accessories : earings Pensées or rose from Elise Tsikis | Shoes : Dessine Moi Un Soulier (Vipérine bronze) customized by Clémentine Iacono and Anniel |  Perfecto : Sézane | muah:  Em’maquillage | Suit :  L’Apiéceur Paris |  Shoes : Renés from Mr. Moustache |  Bow tie : Two Guys Bow Ties customized by L’Apiéceur Paris | Watch : Hamilton Watches |  Cufflinks : WoodenLands sur Etsy | Photographer : Matterhorn Photography | Vidéo : Seize Wedding Films | Flowers : Menthe Sauvage| Venue : Domaine de La Javernière | Caterer : Del Forno | DJ: Dance Police | Deco : Velvet Rendez-Vous

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