A botanical and colorful wedding in Reunion Island

Laure and Boris are both from Reunion Island, and it was obvious for them to get married there and put the land where they grew up at the center of their inspirations. They share with us their wedding with botanical accents photographed by Capyture.

“We met while we were children, we lost sight of each other until high school where we became friends, until Boris declared his passion in a letter and since then we have not left each other, despite the years and the distance. “

“We really wanted to get married in Reunion, where we grew up and where our story started twelve years ago. We wanted a simple family wedding, but it was more complicated than expected to organize everything from a distance. We called on Ma Régisseuse, a thunderous wedding planner who, after having scoured all the places on the island, found us the venue of our dreams: a beautiful Creole house with an undying charm. “

A particular moment

“We then eclipsed each other on our side to put on our clothes of light. We met ourselves at the end of the same path where we had seen each other for the first time. It was a simple and sincere moment. We then wandered between cane fields, waterfall and abandoned church, accompanied by our shock photographers, the Capyture, for a photo shoot out of time: a very beautiful memory. “

“After this enchanted parenthesis, we joined the venue where all our guests were waiting in the shade of the mango trees for the secular ceremony. A very emotional moment, where there were many tears. Our best memory is walking up the coconut tree path following the Creole fanfare, the smile to the ears, to join all those people dear to our hearts and our history. We wanted a living ceremony, punctuated by folk songs that we sang together. Then came a cocktail with Creole flavors and the sound of old segas played by the incredible musicians of the Waki Band.The dinner was held in the old building of the venue, by candlelight, which lit up the typical dishes served in traditional banana leaves. Then we danced all night on the veranda with coconut trees lit by the moon in the background. “

We love our island and we wanted to celebrate it, it was our recurring theme : from stationery to music. Especially what we call “Reunion lontan”, which can be translated as” Reunion of the Past “. We wanted something authentic without being outdated or stuffy. Gaëlle of Fleur Enchantée perfectly transcribed what we had imagined as an atmosphere, using foliage and local plants with a lot of simplicity and elegance. The chef of Domaine Moka has created a menu with traditional Creole flavors served in large dishes like at home, and the pastry chef has created the cake of our dreams with coconut-passion notes (inspired by a recipe from Blanc Coco) , a delight! “

“We wanted something very personal, so we did a lot of DIY: the dinner tables made by Boris and his father, the pennants by our grandmothers, the garlands of paper flowers and the concrete candlesticks by Laure and her mother, the arranged rum by the family a year ago, and the graphics made by Boris. All of this created a special atmosphere that was beautifully captured by Capyture. We wrote to them at the very beginning of the organization because we loved their way of showing off the landscape. We spent an incredible week with them, which ended with a spectacular photo shoot on the Plaine des Sables, near the Piton de la Fournaise. “

“Now living in metropolitan France for a few years, many of our guests have made the trip to Reunion and a wedding so far implies that those who come are there for several days. Our wedding lasted a day, but this one punctuated an unforgettable stay spent together. “

“We spent the week of our wedding in a house facing the lagoon. It was natural that in the morning, as I was getting ready, Boris would take a dip in the ocean.The preparations for the D-Day had exhausted us, but that day we were totally relaxed and serene, we wanted to enjoy the whole day. “

Advice for other couples

“Define at best what you want, to engage the good providers who will understand you and anticipate your desires. A wedding, it’s also months of preparation with them and it is even better when they are exceptional.

Little trick, if you are looking for benches, remember to ask your town hall. They lend them to you … for free! “


Civil wedding dress : Sessun Oui | Wedding dress : Laure de Sagazan at Olympe Montpellier | Little crown : Lizeron | Shoes : Michel Vivien | MUAH : Florence DelaunayLa Petite Epingle | Suit : Scavini | Rings : l’Atelier Bijoutier Créateur | Wedding planner : Ma Régisseuse | Photographer : Capyture | Flowers : Fleur enchantée | Lunch place : Café Edouard | Venue + Caterer : Domaine Moka | DJ: DJ&CO | Musicians: Waki Band | Décoration : les mariés| Graphic design : le marié | Furniture : Le Dernier Comptoir

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