A colorful wedding at the Domaine of Massacan

Manon and Théo had shared with us a few months ago the pictures of their engagement session on the banks of Lake Bourget. They got married last summer, and sent us the pictures of their colorful wedding that they offer us, a beautiful day filled with love and colors … and always photographed by Elise akaMatterhorn Photography

The bride and groom are sharing with us few words about their day … “We were not ready for so much attention, love from our loved ones, we had the chance to make a wedding over 3 days and every moment was a feast, surprises followed one another from Friday to Tuesday evening ending with an improvised fireworks display on the beach.Many months later, we are still open-mouthed and our hearts are definitely filled with a infinite gratitude to all these beautiful people! “

An emotional moment

“The secular ceremony without hesitation! Two of our dearest friends were the perfect officiants of this timeless moment. And that is saying that they thought this ceremony with care, humor and tenderness. Our friends and families followed each other at their desks to say a word, sing a rap, tell us their love! It was so intense!”

The best memory

“There are so many! We took a slap of intensity. All day long. If we had to choose one I think it would be the arrival at the town hall with all our relatives gathered on the small square of the town hall! See all these people smiling, caring, beautiful and together. So much love at once !”

Any advice to share

“Take time. Time to imagine but also to create. We did a lot of things ourselves by looking after the details and our guests are still talking about it.

For example, Manon made 150 small pots macramé pots and we repotted as many cuttings. Theo screened our totebags and built a bright panel! To have the time it is possible to think the attentions that you will want to make to your guests! And it’s saying that they deserve it because they will send you a dose of surprises and love that you will remember for the next 60 years!”

“And then, trust the professionals who accompany you. With Theo we did not necessarily want to do photo shoot for the two of us on the day, but Elise our photographer insisted, and we do not regret at all! In addition to the incredible images we will keep of this moment, she offered us a moment of our own, and that was priceless. We were able to take 30 minutes together to realize what we were living with all our loved ones and tell ourselves how much we love each other! Thank you to her and all the incredible vendors who shared this day with us !”


Photographer : Matterhorn Photography | Wedding dress : Madame est couturière | Suit : Sandro et The Kooples | Shoes : Repetto | Bride Shoes : Jimmy Choo | Videographer : Arthur Degorce Videographer | Caterer : WoodLove Caravane | HMUA : Les ciseaux de Marie | Accessories : Poupée Rousse | Bow tie : Le coq en pap’ | Wedding rings : Heness | Flowers : Ma Nine | Venue : Domaine de Massacan

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