An elopement at the Domaine de Saint Clair in Etretat

Brittany and Thomas met while they were still at the  university. After several years of history, made declarations and ruptures, they chose to say yes, and share with us the images of their moving elopement on the pebble beaches of Etretat, at the foot of the famous cliffs, photographed by Aurelien Bretonniere.

“I met Thomas in 2009 with friends in common.  We attended to the same university party, we were the only ones to come without partners, all of our friends being in a relationship. A weird guythat had been dragging me for hours, asking for my phone number etc. Seeking a way to get rid of him, I headed to the only person at the party that I thought could help me, Thomas and pretend to go out together for the rest of the night! “

“I’m not sure what he thought of me until that night, but we soon became almost inseparable, our relationship grew quickly, we moved in together after only a few months and less than a year later Thomas wanted to separate. We were only 20 when we first met and his friends convinced him that he was too young to be tied in. This was a difficult time for both of us but it did not take long to meet each other again. He finished his studies, and a year and a half later we moved to Seattle, WA. Now it was my turn to hesitate, six months after the move, I changed my mind, the rain was constant and the sun was never coming in. Being a desert girl, I could not stand the weather anymore and ran back to Phoenix, AZ – smashing Thomas’s heart on the way. “

“Thomas ended up coming back under the Phoenix sun too. We avoided each other, not wanting to cause more trouble to the other.”

“But after a lot of thought and years away from each other, we jumped… Everything is in the timing! Being more mature and aware of what we wanted, we were able to grow our link, our love for each other, strong but sweet, and a partnership that we hope will improve more and more over time. “

The Day of the wedding

“The day of our wedding took place as we had imagined and better. Thomas was born in Normandy and spent his early years in Étretat before coming to live in the United States when he was six. When we were younger, even before visiting his family, I knew that I wanted to marry her and I dreamed of marrying her on the beaches of Étretat. When it was time to make a choice, the decision was proved easy – a small, intimate ceremony on the pebbles of Etretat.

The night before the big day, I spent the night at Domaine St. Clair. The hotel was beautiful. Our room, with its oriental and dark decor corresponded to the changing mood and romance we had dreamed of.

The morning of the wedding started with a little jump to the market, a coffee at the local bistro, a walk on the beach, a (where three) coffee and anxiety for Thomas. As tradition dictates, we were supposed not to see each other until the ceremony, but we almost met by chance while we were having our morning coffee!”

“After a break at the hairdresser, I went back to the Domaine and got ready in our room overlooking the sea. Suddenly, it was time to get married, we met in the garden for our first meet. I had written a letter to Thomas the night before and he was reading it when I approached him …

The rest is immortalized in our thoughts and images thanks to our exceptional photographer! A day full of emotions and love, intimate and majestic that we will not forget.


Dress : Rue de Seine chez  Lovely Bride | Photographer : Aurelien Bretonniere | Flowers : Freya Joy Garden  | Venue : Domaine de Saint Clair

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