A folk wedding in Switzerland

Palina and Fabien wanted a simple day, surrounded by their relatives in a small committee. It is to Célia, aka La Boheme Photographie, that these two lovers gave the mission to immortalize their beautiful day …

“For our wedding, we wanted a universe that looks like us, in a small comitee, simple and refined, in the nature. So we restricted the list of guests to our closest friends and our parents and have not regretted. The place was a crush, a wooded and raw eco-refuge on the edge of the forest near Lausanne. As soon as we discovered it, we started to imagine our day, in a folk and bohemian universe. We wanted to do things ourselves because we like to create. Inspiration came from our passions (flowers, Balboa – swing dance from the 30s, retro style, etc.). ) and for the rest, different wedding blogs.

During the ten months of preparation, we created our announcement, imagined the decor, heathered the various elements of decoration and managed the various logistical orders (furniture, lighting, etc.). During these preparations, we were fortunate, despite the stress and excitement, to live magical moments between us but also with our friends who helped us. “

“We had a small budget, but from the beginning, for three things, it seemed obvious to us to call on quality service providers.

First of all we wanted a good photographer who could capture the magical moments of this day. We found this person in Célia, aka La Boheme photographie, based in Haute Savoie, which was perfect and even beyond our expectations. We appealed to her because we loved her world and the poetry of her clichés. Between us, from the engagement session, the current is immediately past, giving us confidence and making this moment intimidating, very pleasant, as with a friend of long standing.

With sweetness and discretion, Célia has sublimated every moment of the day, capturing smiles and moments of complicity. His glance and the treatment of photos make them as sweet and romantic as our own memories. This is valuable because when time begins to erase certain details from our memory, a look at these photos will allow us to live again that magical moment and keep it in us forever. “

“The food – with the desire to keep the mobility and dynamism of the exchanges between our guests, we did not want a classic menu – three dishes with table top and guests frozen for several hours, we wanted people are free to evolve in this beautiful venue. So it was impossible for us to imagine anything other than a Burger’s foodtruck, Brooklyn Kitchen (our “sin mignon”), and for the aperitif, again, wanting something simple and tasty, we opted for our favorite confectionery, Christophe Moret, whose reputation is second to none in sandwiches. It is with great kindness and simplicity that the owner has offered us miniaturize, for us, her assortment.

Finally, to create a festive atmosphere in this bucolic place, we took a great group of gypsy jazz musicians, Tcha Badjo. Their joyous swing tunes played brilliantly enchanted the place and allowed us to dance during all the party.

Beyond the aesthetics of the wedding, what we thought was essential, was to be able to live it fully and enjoy every moment. On D-day, we took the morning for us, have a breakfast with the witness of Palina, then Harry and Nadège of Bravo coiffure joined us to pamper the girls. This moment of calm in the middle of all these preparations was very good. From that moment, we resigned from our role of organizers to take the one of the bride and the groom. We trusted our loved ones and accepted the possibility of unforeseen events. By letting go, we plunged into the magic of the moment, transported by an infinite love and kindness on the part of our loved ones. “

A particular moment

“The moment that marked us most was the secular ceremony. Once again, after feeding on different ways of doing things, we finally decided to break with some codes of a “good” ceremony. Exit the texts too pompous and impersonal, to move on to very moving interventions of our friends, the beautiful song of Dalida “Le bonheur” and our wishes. Thus, in the middle of this clearing, surrounded by people we love, the stars in our eyes, we have definitely experienced one of the most beautiful moments of our life.”

Advice for other couples

“Be yourself, do not give in to the pressure of what “must do” and let go during your day because it will pass very quickly “


Photographer : La Boheme Photographie | Wedding dress : Laure de Sagazan | Shoes : Patricia Blanchet | | MUAH : Bravo coiffure | Flowers : Table Bouquets de table created by the bride | Venue : Le refuge des Saugealles à Epalinges, Suisse | Musicians : Tcha Badjo | Food truck : Brooklyn Kitchen | Caterer : Christophe Moret

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