An intimate wedding in Burgundy

He is Swedish, she is French. Two eyes that cross furtively almost 10 years ago, a love at first sight, and two lovers who have not left each other since. Today Justine and Oskar share the images of their beautiful day, which they chose to celebrate in a small committee in Burgundy, on the birthplace of the bride. A beautiful moment all in simplicity captured by Madeleine photographe

Justine tells us more about their wedding … “Oskar proposed on a beach in Sri Lanka under the stars in April 2017. We then went to Stockholm to choose a ring together and began planning the wedding. wedding in July 2017.

We decided together that the wedding would be in Burgundy. I was born in Lorraine but my parents and my grandparents are all from Burgundy and I was very influenced by this culture throughout my life. The most important thing for me to be able to share our marriage with my grandparents, this place was so an evidence because they can not move and because it was ideal for the Swedes to visit the region of wines and French gastronomy.”

The D-Dday

“Our friends had helped us the day before to decorate the place of the ceremony under the weeping willows, a place that is more than magical and that we are proud to have arranged, after the owners accepted that we cut the branches of the willows to to make it a secret garden. We added six benches, dream catchers hung over the willow benches, my grandfather’s old ladder to hang a macrame, small pots with a single flower per pot and old Persian rugs that belonged to my grandparents.

We had signed the official wedding papers in Sweden two weeks before so this ceremony was more symbolic and it was Oskar’s sister and one of my best friends who performed a moving and romantic ceremony with the touching speeches of my two great -pères. “

A particular moment

The first look, so beautifully captured by the photographer (be careful in advance so that the photographer can capture both at the same time), the vows under the weeping willows, speeches of grandfathers, guitar dry at night, etc. The whole day has been a great success. Nothing to change, nothing to add, a touching day of simplicity, sincerity, love and happiness.”

“Instead of a long dinner we preferred a long lunch by the river so that the grandparents could drive before the night. We decided to have one big table which was exceptionally pleasant like everyone else had known each other since the day before or already since Wednesday. The lunch was punctuated by speeches, games, but especially by Burgundy songs and Swedish songs, everything being translated into French and English. We had picked out the mismatched plates in some flea markets and for cutlery we mixed 3 silver services (that of my parents, my grandparents and my aunt). We tied the cutlery with a raw string and a label calligraphed by my grandfather as a place mark. “

Advice for other couples

Even if it’s a small wedding, designate a friend or relative you trust who can make the last-minute decisions for you and to whom the guests and providers can turn if there are questions. And if it is an international wedding do not hesitate to translate as much as possible before and to integrate in booklets… Sofia and Juliette did a titan job to receive the speeches before but it really paid when everyone felt included at all times. Do not plan everything and have no expectations, it is so much more sweet to be pleasantly surprised at your wedding!

Stay simple and authentic to your couple and your first vision. Do not change especially to please your grandmother or aunt if it does not look like you or if you are not 100% convinced. It’s your day to both of you and only your happiness counts. “

Le petit plus

“Oskar and I already loved each other madly, thinking that loving more would not be possible. But in fact a magic thing happens when we get married, where all the love and goodwill of people around us for your couple are added to your already big love and PAF! It is the explosion of a small pocket of love that comes and places you on a small cloud for weeks. So yes it’s worth 1000 times to get married! “


Venue : Le moulin du Coq | Photographer : Madeleine photographe | Caterer : Cuisine et Cotillons | flowers: France Fleurs and a friend for the arrangement |

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