A wedding on the wild bay of Quiberon

Un mariage sur la côte sauvage de Quiberon - La mariée aux pieds nus

Sophie and Claudine have met during the last edition of Love/etc. and from this meeting was born the desire to collaborate together, for their ideas and their value came together. Authenticity, naturalness and sobriety are the master words of the work of the photographer and the designer, who have gathered a team of beautiful professionals to tell the love, simply, during a shot on the bay of Quiberon …

“This is the story of a man and a woman … she does not want to be a beauty of one day, she wants to be the one he loves every day. He likes sobriety and accuracy but more than anything he wants their union to be like them. She is so daring she could steal him a shirt, put on a skirt and run to join him because of course she would be late, so the dress will have to take that into account. He will be there, waiting to discover her in the shade of the tall pines of this holiday home for a lunch with their closest friends. This will be their wedding on the beautiful and wild Breton coast of Quiberon. “

“Everything has been put in place without much hesitation, beautiful materials and textures as sources of inspiration, a recycled cocoa shell fiber stationery, natural and clean curves for decoration, the purity of colors for floral creations with delicate lines, carefully selected ingredients from local suppliers for delicious delicacies and in every trade a lot of respect for the materials used. “

In short, a delicate and natural work to translate a simple and authentic love.

“The story of this project was to highlight the sobriety, the beautifulness, the truth, and then especially bring to this reflection: and if the reality, this possible and simple thing was finally much more beautiful than the dream, and if the ideal end of a story was simply they lived for real, even they loved each other.

On one side the purpose was to relate the love and the emotion in the truest possible way and on the other hand we had this need to show that beauty and elegance does not belong to a princess mask and that a woman is beautiful when she looks only like herself.”


Photographer : Sophie Masiewicz | Wedding gown and nightie : ClaudineFlowers and stylism : Marie Jousse – Folie douce | Hair and make-up : Sophie Torrado | Stationery : Pastilles et petits pois  | Sweets : Maison Germain | Wedding Planner : Save a date | Suit : Boutique Enzo Angers | Bow tie : gentille alouette | Bride shoes : marque moustache – Boutique n°6 à Lorient | The lovers : Justine et Antoine

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