A blue and green rustic wedding in Alsace

Un mariage simple et rustique en alsace - A découvrir sur le blog mariage www.lamarieeauxpiedsnus.com - Photos : The Kicheners

There are special moments that make you feel privileged to live … This wedding is one of those. Robby and Marina, whom you know by the name of Capyture, said yes in April at the foot of the Swiss mountains.

And I can tell you that their wedding, we were waiting like children are waiting for Christmas! We went from laughter to tears, we experienced the impatience, the joy, the tenderness of these two lovers, and the incredible love of their friends and their families gathered for them that day. This sublime day in green and blue, rustic and full of simplicity was photographed by the talented and adorable duo of  The Kitcheners and immortalized in video by Pascal Délé. They share with us a piece of their history …

“From our point of view, it was essential that our wedding be like us, match us. It was also important to organize both, but fortunately we are lucky to have the same tastes! A lot of things are important, and there are no small details if it is something that is important to you!

One of the first steps in organizing a wedding? Find the venue! For the Alsatians we are, it has not been easy! The place of a wedding strongly contributes to the atmosphere of your wedding and it is thus essential to take the time to find the place which you need, it exists for sure! “

The second step for the ladies is of course the dress! I wanted a dress comfortable, light, not white, adapted to my morphology and that would not stop me for dancing! Many thanks to Marie from La belle Bobine for her softness, her enthusiasm and her attentive listening. We imagined everything together and she created it just for me!

My cosy but so warm jacket was knitted by Robby’s mom. One of the little symbolic things of our wedding that was very important to us!

A particular moment

We think about it, but it’s difficult for us to choose a favorite moment, they are all different and constitute this special day!

Preparations: impossible to envision the day without this moment of intimacy with the most important people for us, our parents and our witnesses! The girls, we were pampered by Julie Rose Poudre who realized our beauty!

The first look: this moment tends to wait or finally, we discover! We are very emotional and we wanted to live this moment together, in intimacy to take us in the arms and enjoy a few moments together! Just thinking about it, we still have a tight throat! The stress goes down and we can not wait for the ceremony to start! Do not miss this moment, it is magical and does not detract from the emotion of the arrival at the ceremony!

And of course the ceremony! Our marriage was to be the occasion to say to ourselves all these things that one thinks but which one does not express. We wanted a personalized ceremony, outdoors, in nature. We have tears in our eyes when we read the speeches of our witnesses or our wishes! It was an unforgettable and intense moment that even the rain and the cold could not ruin us and that the guests lived with a lot of attention.

Another essential step but which has not been one for us, the choice of the photographer! For us it was obvious, Joanna & Dylan alias The Kitcheners were to be our photographers to continue to tell our story. Their universe, their style, their talent, their friendship: they are our family photographers!

And another memories creator, the videographer! We had the chance to be accompanied by Pascal allias Pascal Délé filmaker, who gave us thanks to his immense talent, a living memory of our day! His good humor and energy are contagious and we have chills every time we watch the video!

The wedding day is going at a crazy speed and it therefore seemed essential to limit travel to enjoy our day, our guests and especially avoid the sequence of steps! For this, we celebrated the civil ceremony about a month before the wedding, in small committee, in all simplicity but in great conviviality! On wedding day, we did everything on site and it was really important for us!

Another highlight of our day will remain our entry into the dinner room. We both love to dance and we had an indescribable energy at that time! Thanks to the cold (and yes, it does not have only disadvantages) but especially thanks to Vincent alias Dance Police, we danced throughout the evening! Because yes, another very important person at your side on D-day, it’s the DJ whose work must match your expectations!

And of course, there is decoration and especially flowers! The decor was central to us but it had to be simple and natural and for that there is no one better than Nessa! She knew how to identify our tastes, our desires and she created the whole universe of our wedding and composed all the arrangements of flowers with the help of Sofia aka BrancoPrata the D-day! It was absolutely beautiful and Robby’s mom even cried with emotion as she discovered the room!

Advice for other couples

A wedding is also beautiful meetings with professionals often passionate so take the time to look for them! But to find them, it is important to take the time to identify your desires, your tastes, your expectations!

And our last tip: listen well to all the (very) many tips that we can give you but learn to sort! It’s YOUR wedding and it’s up to you to create it as you want while making some compromises when it’s necessary!


Photographers : The Kitcheners | Film : Pascal Délé | Design : Nessa Buonomo | Flowers : Nessa Buonomo and Sofia Ferreira – Brancoprata | Dress : La belle Bobine | Accesories : Eloïse Fiorentino, at Artetfacts Paris | Suit : Asos* | MUAH : Julie Rose Poudre | DJ : Dance Police and Nuit Blanche | Lighting :Dance Police | Caterer : Kuttler

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