A simple and nature wedding in Andalusia

The sun-drenched lime walls, the rustle of the leaves of the great olive trees, and the desire to share with their guests a little of their love for Spain, our two lovers of the day have imagined a simple and nature wedding in Andalusia photographed byLes récits de Becca.

Panthéa and Maxence tell us their story … “We met 10 years ago in Aix-en-Provence when we were still students. Since we moved every 2 – 3 years according to our desires and professional projects : Marseille – Bangalore (India) – Athens – Durham (England) – Paris and now Madrid.

When he proposed, we lived in Madrid for a few months only. After hesitating 2 months on the country of the wedding, we decided to do this in our host country, to discover the Hispanic culture to our guests and embark them on our daily adventure.”

notre journée

“Few of our guests knew Spain, so we very quickly came up with the idea of organizing our wedding over 3 days. We wanted to completely immerse them in the local culture and, above all, to enjoy them!

It took us a year of preparations to organize and think about all the details. We wanted to pamper our loved ones and they could be completely out of place. Our place, Los Pozos de la Nieve allowed a total immersion in deep Andalusia. “

A particular moment

“Our engagement ceremony was organized by our two sisters and they very quickly wanted the content to be a surprise for us and we were not disappointed. As soon as we entered the ceremony, we felt transported, almost in another world with a wave of love around us, they managed to make a ceremony in our image: touching, funny and solemn at the same time. “

Your best memory

“Originally, I wanted Maxence to discover me during the ceremony but because lack of time, we decided the day before with Becca to make a first look before the start of the festivities. I loved this moment together, to enjoy of my future husband before the hurricane of the wedding. Becca, despite the 40 degrees, managed to perfectly capture our love and the atmosphere we wanted to give to this wedding. “

Advice for other couples

“This day was generally thought for many hours, all the details were thought out and calculated. But the best advice we can give is to let yourselves be carried away and not be stressed in the event of unforeseen circumstances, because unforeseen there will be. Stay zen, live the moment and enjoy this beautiful day. “


Dress : St Patrick | Accessories Him / Her : personalized Stan Smith | Suit : Atelier NA | Photographer : Les récits de Becca | Venue : Los Pozos de la Nieve | Caterer : Rabanal

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