A wedding at the Mas d’Arvieux in Provence

Un mariage au Mas d'Arvieux en Provence - Photos : Soul Pics - Blog mariage : La mariée aux pieds nus

It was for Audrey and Nathan impossible to imagine their wedding elsewhere than under the Provençal sun. They share with us today their wedding at the Mas d’Arvieux in Provence photographed bySoul Pics that you can also meet next month in the alleys of our wedding festival LOVE ETC!

Their meeting

Audrey … “Nathan and I met in a place not very exotic for a full month of August: Paris, in the premises of a summer prep for our common diploma. I was not there to meet my “future husband” but really to work !!! “

Nathan … “We quickly felt that together everything would be different!” The cliché of “love at first sight” then makes sense. But not to make history too easy, 961 kilometers separated us, Audrey lived in Lille and me in Marseille After many hours spent on the TGV and lightened a few euros, we decided to settle together in Lyon, our life together could finally begin … “

the proposal

“A few decades ago, my grandfather was asking for my grandmother to marry in their country, Italy, to finally getting married in France. At the occasion of my 30, Nathan organized me a wonderful stay in Portofino, and he made me his proposal there. I did not expect it and I did not understand why he took his backpack everywhere (the ring was in it). I wish us this life that my elders lived, sometimes times full of pitfalls but always with the strength they had to overcome the worst by being simply united. “

the preparations

“With our busy work, we wanted to call on a wedding planner. Without hesitation, we chose Gabriella (Wow Your Guests), she was much more than a wedding planner, she was our confidente, she dismissed our doubts and met all our needs while being kind, Gabriella has made us push our limits especially on the scenography of our wedding by allowing it to be unique. “

“Our research began with the venue, it was unthinkable for Nathan not to get married in the South !! Ah the olive trees, lavender and dry stones… Our choice quickly stopped on the Mas d’Arvieux of Caroline and Fabien. It fulfilled all the desired criteria, a beautiful park, an intimate spirit, several configurations depending on the weather …

An equally essential choice was the photographer, Gabriella introduced us to Marie-Laure’s universe (Soul Pics), and after an exchange by Skype, it was a real crush for her work as much as the person who she is. She was able to put us at ease, find the places and poses to sublimate us, to be forgotten, the result was more than our expectations, my mother offered us as a wedding present the the work of Léa (Less is more), our videographer, we did not expect it at all, and when we discovered our wedding video, we told ourselves that it was the best wedding present we could The result is beautiful, perfectly combining emotions, tears, laughs … I look at least once a week is my little ritual.

In a few years, when we will see photos and videos, we will always have so many emotions and we will be able to say to our future children that we knew how to be fun … “

“Gabriella nous a fait découvrir le travail d’Eléna (Tepeesauvage), notre fleuriste. OMG !!! Un coup de cœur ultime, elle est l’alliance parfaite entre créativité et raffinement. Les herbes de pampa, mon bouquet de mariée (que j’ai gardé évidemment), les centres de tables notamment de la table d’honneur étaient magiques. Les invités ont été subjugués. Eléna est une professionnelle hors-pair et une personne bienveillante, cela se ressent dans son travail.”

“Gabriella made us discover the work of Elena (Tepeesauvage), our florist OMG !!! An ultimate crush, she is the perfect alliance between creativity and refinement. The pampas herbs, my bridal bouquet (that I obviously kept), the centerpieces of the table of honor were magical, the guests were captivated, Elena is an outstanding professional and a caring person, this is reflected in her work. “

A particular moment : the reveal

Nathan … “I think I was the most emotional during this time, Audrey, had to go down wooden stairs to join me, I waited for her downstairs. To hear her footsteps and feel her presence approaching was an intense moment, even before I saw it I was not very good! Then I felt her hand on my shoulder, I turned around and I saw her, beautiful.Everything was perfect, her dress, her makeup, she was gorgeous. Then to add more emotions, Audrey decided to surprise me, a beautiful bracelet with details of our relationship, I think I have never experienced such emotions, what a magical moment.

Audrey … “After long months of preparation, to ask me “Will I please him?”. This is the long-awaited moment, I thought that I would never be able to go down these cursed stairs, I looked his back, he was beautiful in his beautiful green suit I was scared, afraid of falling, my legs were marshmallows, and then he turned around and I saw so many emotions, tears , words he had never said before “Audrey, I have supplies in my hands”… I believe that at this moment, all the stress of these preparations is gone…”

a tip for other couples

“The advice we could give you which finally is rather banal but it is to take full advantage of every moment of your wedding.We had been warned and it is true, but finally we know it only once the day passed.

Take a wedding planner at least for the coordination of D-Day to enjoy your day. The 2nd is to invite “few” people; Initially this posed some problems especially at the family level, but we held firm and we have no regrets because we finally spent time with each of our guests. “

“And bonus tip: With guests from all over France, we had the chance to start our weekend on Friday night with our loved ones and finish this union on Sunday. A three days wedding, perfect !!!!!!

So take full advantage of each moment, because we think that moments of such intensity are rare. We sincerely wish you to live this adventure. “


WP : Wow your guests | Flowers : Teepee Sauvage | Photographer : Soul Pics | Video : Less is more | Venue : Mas d’Arvieux | Wedding dress : Margaux Tardits chez Olympe | Shoes of the bride :  Olympe | rings + Jewels : L’atelier Joaillier | Suit : Samson | Groom shoes : Crockett and Jones |  Bow tie : Le colonel Moutarde | Side car : location vespa | Danseurs : @blacko_liiyah | Caterer : Helen | DJ : @vaxpopulioff | Mua : Manon Amiel | Hair dresser : Just good art |  wedding gifts : LPDV | Wedding cake : Made in cake

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