A vegetal wedding in Colombia

Un mariage végétal en colombie - Photos : Lorenzo Accardi - Blog mariage : La mariée aux pieds nus

Crush for this sublime wedding in Colombia photographed by Lorenzo Accardi that you can meet in real life, next February at the tenth edition of our wedding festival LOVE.ETC.

Maria José tells us their story … “Alessandro and I met in Peru, a country that has been a place of passage for both of us. Everyone has arrived for professional reasons, but once together, we decided to stay there longer, we made our little corner of love and we shared so much, we had a house together, a friendship, then we traveled a lot … we discovered wonderful places in Peru, in Colombia, Argentina, Bolivia, the United States, and of course also in Europe, where we currently live, so the great team we are is born. “

“Alessandro is Italian and I am Colombian. We come from different countries and different cultures, but we have the same vision of love and couple. X and Y that together make Z. We love and respect the authenticity of the other, his way of seeing things, even though we are very different. “

“Alessandro is the ground and the water, it is so practical, often in the reflection but also in the emotion. I am the air and the fire, I am creative, affectionate and passionate. Not the same characteristics, but maybe it’s because of that that we found the balance and found the best side of ourselves.”

“As soon as we started living together, we knew we were building our life plan, but we decided to strengthen our relationship before we thought about marriage, because there were many things to live through. We had moments of joy, more complicated moments but we always made the right decisions for our treasure and our project of life, our “Z”.

Today we are proud of our patience, the friendship and love we have built and to have shared our essence with our families and friends on our wedding day. “

the wedding day

“We arrived early in Kapikua and once there we kissed to say good-bye until the big moment. Everyone had their room to get ready, and Alessandro’s friends and father came to visit. help to prepare and share together the moment before the ceremony.

Meanwhile, I was in a cocoon with my mother and Lia, my best friend. In the last moments, my father, my brother and my brother-in-law joined us. Together we made a toast to celebrate the time that was coming and to wish us wisdom and respect, to protect love. On both sides we heard the laughter of happiness and love from those who accompanied them. “

a special moment

“The beginning of the ceremony, and my entry, that is to say, the moment of discovery. Before that precise moment, Alessandro was calm and enjoyed the company of all, but when he saw me. .., he felt so emotional that tears even flowed. “

A particular memory

“The ceremony itself … thanks to the place, to its unfolding, to the words of our master of ceremonies, and those of the godmothers and the moment we exchanged our wishes.”

a tip for the other couples

“That day, you have a lot of things to think about and a lot of people to see, so enjoy moments of complicity to not forget the love that there is in your relationship. you were alone. “


Dress : Blake Gown, Rue de Seine | Bride accessories : Shoes, (Mint and Rose), Tubante (Miss Balanta) | muah : Hermann Restrepo | Suit : Suitesupply | Groom accessories : Hat (Borsalino) | Photographer : Lorenzo Accardi | Video : Matrimonios Films | Venue : Kapikua, Santa Marta, Colombia | Caterer : Chechy Solano | Wedding planner : Ana Maria Jaramillo | DJ:  Sergeij Rendón Marín | Musicians : Klabe music, Rafael Moreno Scott | Decoration : Verde MentaAnnouncements and stationery : Camila

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