A vegetal wedding at the Moulin de la Récense

Cyril and Camille have known each other almost forever. After a few years away from each other, fate has brought them together to see them never leave each other again. Today, they share with us the beautiful images of their vegetal wedding at the Moulin de la Récense, photographed by Soul Pics. A beautiful day under the sign of nature, joy and love …

Our story

Cyril and I, it’s a story that goes back a long time.A history of our childhood.We lived in the same street a few houses when I arrived in Normandy at the age of 4. I was quickly “in love” of this big boy (2 years older, at this age that’s a lot!), but I was not really interesting, especially with my braces and my first look of the class. At the bus stop, not much happened, and the years went by, we went to a different high school, and I went to graduate school in the Paris region.

But fate decided otherwise, since we found ourselves a little by chance when I was 20 years old. I invite him to a party with my friends at home, we end up being both on the couch discussing for hours. We spend more and more time together and some time later I finally get started (yes because I could have waited a long time otherwise) and confess my feelings. Him too. It was July 17, 2009. The beginning of our story.

The proposal

Cyril was not up to wedding and we had already discussed the subject. I knew I should not expect a proposal. What a surprise when in February 2017, I find it in our living room, standing under golden balloons “MARRY ME”, a pretty box with a ring between the hands. Nothing grandiloquent, just simplicity.

A few days after this request, I suffered a major surgery and I am therefore bedridden a few months … Not necessarily fun… but ideal to prepare for his wedding !! Because yes, Cyril is not a “wedding guy”, me on the other hand… I have dreamed of my wedding since my youngest age.

The preparations of the wedding

We decide to get married in the south of France, in the village where live my parents near Aix en Provence, on June 30, 2018. The place is found very quickly, besides we reserve it even without visiting it because I am still bedridden the first months. My parents agree to go for us. It’s the crush. An old stone mill in a garden dotted with huge and sumptuous plane trees. Something authentic and friendly: The Moulin de la Recense in Ventabren. Later we met Sophie, the manager of the mill, it only strengthened our choice, as his kindness and availability made us feel good.

For the photographer, we both agree on the same with Cyril: Soul Pics. Their universe is incredible. In fact we also crack for the films of Guillaume: Same spirit nature and rock … but in video. These will be magical memories of our marriage, there is no doubt.

On the florist side, we did not have a budget and the place is so beautiful that we say that it is not necessary. But when I search for my crown of flowers and my bouquet I come across the sublime work of La Fabrique d’étoiles filantes in Villelaure. We fall for some decorations and staging, especially for the Lay Ceremony. I dreamed of a flower arch but I had abandoned the idea because of budget, logistics, etc. Aude offered us an arch as we imagined, simple, natural, really beautiful.

Wedding theme, we did not want to impose anything on our family and friends. We saw our wedding as a big family celebration, and we want it to stay that way. The only particularity: Cyril will wear sneakers, so we invite our guests to put theirs on the announcement.

My biggest difficulty, the choice of my wedding dress! I do not have the famous crush of which we speak so much. I would say that every time I try a new one I love it. So I’m lost. Naked back? Short? With a train? With a slot? Combination ? It is finally with the Marseille designer Manon Gontero that I find my happiness. I wanted something that looks like me: a mix of rock, trend and simple.

Manon helps me mix the elements and we modify to find the perfect dress. Or should I say, the perfect skirt and top! I think I chose well, because even though my husband did not cry, he was speechless when he found me. It must be said that between this “dress” and the beauty of Nathalie (a bit of audacity), even I found myself wonderful!

D-Day, everything was perfect. We got ready in my parents’ house, we were both together with Cyril and we just got separated when we started getting ready around noon. Our witnesses have also joined us. It was really a perfect morning. Many emotions and laughs.

After the town hall, we met for the secular ceremony directly at the wedding venue at the Moulin de la Récense. My cousin (and witness) played the role of officiating. Several of our relatives took the floor, then we made the exchange of vows and alliance. It was incredible. Truly unbelievable. I think I have rarely had such declarations of love from my loved ones. We are so lucky to be surrounded by these incredible people (that’s a lot of amazing!).

A particular moment

We chose to discover ourselves before going to the town hall. It was Marie-Laure and Guillaume (SoulPics) who had submitted the idea, we loved it. It’s really magical to have this discovery just for us 2. A very intense and moving moment. The day really begins at this moment. Everything that has been prepared all that has been imagined for over a year starts at this precise moment. Everything starts in the mutual happiness we see in each other. There, the day can start. We are really happy to have enjoyed this moment before going to the town hall.

Our witnesses have been wonderful and have reserved some very nice surprises including a memorable flash mob on Happy!

Advice for the other couples

Our wedding was really PERFECT !! I would not change anything. We had an unforgettable weekend and created new moving memories with our loved ones. A real shot of happiness and love. It is even difficult to find the right words to describe this feeling of intense joy. You have to savor, really savor, because every second is special and wonderful but goes incredibly fast.


Photo & Video : Soul Pics | Dress : Manon Gontero | Lieu : Moulin de la Récense | muah : Un brin d’audace | Caterer : La table de Charlotte | DJ & Vinyl bar : Monsieur + Madame | Flowers : La fabrique d’étoiles filantes

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