A wedding on the Californian coast

Kalina met Pete on a sunny day, and she directly knew that it was him. Today, they share with us their wedding on the Californian coast, photographed by Lifestories Wedding par Yann Audic.

“Pete and I lived 3 close blocks away from each other in San Francisco. One day our friend invited me to a backyard barbecue Pete was hosting. I was happy to see my friend and when she texted me to hurry up she mentioned there was a boy she wanted me to meet. I was reluctant but decided to go anyway. When I got to the party my friend showed me who she wanted me to meet. A tall, handsome man with the best hair I’d ever seen. I quickly looked at her and told her if she wanted me at the party on time she should have just sent a photo of now my best friend and husband – Pete.”

“Pete and I both grew up in California and love being outside. Wedding venue searching was one of our favorite parts on wedding planning. We were excited to go on weekend trips to pretty outdoor locations all over northern California.

We also wanted to have a venue that would bring everyone together staying in close proximity for a fun weekend, as opposed to being spread out across a big city or driving home to places. Mendocino is such a nice little town, with only one or two little main streets to spend time on, so everyone was hanging out and running into each other the whole weekend.”

A particular moment

“The best day of our entire lives. It’s impossible to describe how amazing it is and we are always so happy to know when our friends get engaged what they have ahead of them.”

Your best memory

“The whole day was smiling and feelings of happiness that never ended. The morning of our wedding we drove a few miles outside of Mendocino and took a short hike in the woods, holding hands in the cold and sharing our mutual feelings of wonder and disbelief that we would be getting married that afternoon, it was such a nice way for us to start the day, and very fitting for us. Too many good memories, but the visual and feeling that will forever touch my heart was seeing Kalina and her sister Kiana come out of the trees and walk down the aisle with “Sea of Love” playing in the background. It took everything in me to fight back the tears.”

Advice for other couples

“The relationship is first, the wedding is second. And share the work!”

About the photographer

“I watched a video that Yann had made and was so impressed I immediately emailed him to see his availability for our wedding day to find out he was based in Paris, France and was sad it would be too difficult. After completing a video call with Yann and seeing more of his work my husband and I knew we needed him to capture our day. Yann is a magician behind the camera, he has a cool and relaxed vibe that kept me calm on our biggest and most special day. More impressive was that both my husband and I are camera shy, but felt at such ease with Yann we were able to get photos we are thrilled with. The photos Yann took for our wedding are so special and we would recommend him to all of our closest friends and family. In fact we already have 🙂 He captured everything from small details, to the beautiful landscape we were married in, and each of our guests having fun. We are so happy with our photos and cannot thank our special photographer enough!


Suit : Malcom Alexander | Wedding dress : wtoo | Bridesmaids : show me your Mumu | Witnesses : Malcom Alexander | Photographer : Lifestories Wedding |DJ: DJ Tony Muzzin | Flowers: Rosa at LR Farm | Cake : Franny at Franny’s Cup and Saucer |

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