A wedding at the Domaine du Guerric on the Ile aux Moines

Un mariage au Domaine du Guerric sur l'Île aux Moines - Photos : Aurélien Bretonnière - Blog mariage : La mariée aux pieds nus

Camille and Alexandre have gone through many events together, which will only have strengthened their beautiful story, sealed by their beautiful wedding at the Domaine du Guerric on the Ile aux Moines photographed by Aurélien Bretonnière.

The meeting

“We met thanks to our best friend in common, Manu, 7 years ago. Alexandre was returning from a world tour in 2CV, and I was still a student in Nantes in dental surgery. And against all odds, despite many differences, with a Alex more calm and rational, and me, a little too dynamic and whimsical … it ended up sticking. “

“After several years at a distance, we would finally meet when I was diagnosed with generalized lung cancer in November 2017. In the process, Alex finds himself unemployed.In short, the year of reunion is complicated and takes a unexpected turn.

I start my treatments and gradually find my energy overflowing in just a few weeks. Between one unemployed and the other sick, we rediscover the happiness and the joy of finally being reunited. Walk hand in hand and game of petanque on the banks of the Seine between two trips to the hospital or an appointment at the oncologist … Our life intensifies and our love comes out strengthened. “

the proposal

“Two months after this diagnosis, we go to the Dominican Republic without really knowing what the future would hold us. It had been a while since we talked about marriage, but I wanted to wait for my first January control scanner to see if my treatments worked. But a few hours from the return, a theatrical break on a beach in Punta Cana … Alex was on his knees and made me his proposal full of emotions.

les préparatifs du mariage

“Le choix du lieu a été relativement simple. Nous avons la chance d’avoir une grande maison de famille sur l’île aux Moines, le Guerric. Lieu enchanteur et rempli de souvenirs où le bohème, le champêtre, le chic et la nature devait à coup sûr former un parfait cocktail pour une folle journée de mariage.”

“Embarked on thousands of projects (civil marriage in Paris, purchase and works of our new apartment, GPA …), the preparations are moving slowly at an irregular pace (to the great fear of our parents). We try to divide the different tasks of the wedding. I look after the providers via my Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and relational accounts. I take care of all that is deco (flea markets …), outfits, original ideas for the marriage … And Alexandre, with his experience as a financial analyst, strives to be intractable in the negotiations of the estimates and the administrative… Little by little, we surround ourselves with a nice team of providers crazy enough to come on our island organize our beautiful day. “

“For the wedding atmosphere, we wanted a very natural, country-style spirit with a hint of bohemia.The wedding taking place in the garden, we opted for a beautiful Berber tent to bring an ethnic note. For our vintage decoration no need to go very far! The house was full of treasures, we had to take them out of the attic and do a bit of cleaning to recreate a fantastic country-style universe.For the rest of the decor we have several flea markets and put to contribution our respective families. “

“It only remained to cross your fingers so that the good weather was in the game! The dress was one of the most complicated things for me. I have tried tons… And many of my friends told me, “you’ll see, you’ll know when it’s the right one.” But that moment was not coming in. I had a pretty fixed idea of what I wanted, and I ended up choosing designer Anne de La Forest , for which I had a crush on the quality of their lace, who agreed to create a dress closest to my expectations. “

The D-day

“Our wedding planner was able to decorate the decor as we had thought and with great refinement.The morning of the wedding was therefore spent in a serene atmosphere. Recovery with my witnesses for moments of complicity during the preparations with the adorable Cécile Fortune, our hairdresser. At the other end of the hall, Alex has prepared himself to music with one of his witnesses after a little dip in the sea to relax.

We wanted a wedding in our image. A beautiful day in simplicity, authenticity, surrounded by our loved ones. A day combining complicity, laughter, love and emotions.

Around 14h, go to the church on my dad’s arm for the religious ceremony. Moment of happiness, on the way to the church, along the sea, accompanied by the latest latecomers. Mass is magnificent. The songs we have patiently chosen are sublimated by our choir composed of friends accompanied by a piano.

For the exit of the Church, we have a vintage vespa and are followed by a procession of flowers bicycles. Lack of luck, the bottom of my dress is sucked by the vespa. Hard blow but will be quickly repaired during the cocktail. The rest of the day passed very quickly. The cocktail and the dinner are divine. The atmosphere of the evening is fantastic. In short we were on our little cloud … “

A particular memory

“It’s hard to choose one, so every moment was unforgettable, but I think the moment we first came to our attention was one of the strongest moments of the day. My arrival at the arm of my father with Pachelbel’s gun in the background, the emotion on Alex’s face was so strong, intense and moving. “

A tip for the other couples

Make the wedding that suits you the most. And especially do not stress! Live to the fullest this wonderful day that goes to 200. And even if, the fish is overcooked or your car breaks down … people keep the general atmosphere, so do not dwell on details because your guests will only see fire! While happiness and fulfillment that will be read on your face or you will release that day will touch them a lot more. ”

“The only thing we valued with Alex was the rhythm of the wedding, so for a couple of years, we really wanted to dance before 11pm because otherwise we’d fall asleep at the table and people are losing their motivation! “

if we had to redo it

“Ask more photos with our loved ones because with the episode of my dress sucked by the vespa, our photo sessions were unfortunately cut short. Make a wedding in smaller committee. We were about 300 people and this leaves us little time to but the circumstances and the overwhelming support of many of our loved ones made it more difficult, and we wanted all those around us to celebrate “life and love!”


Venues : Domaine du Guerric – Ile aux Moines | Photographer : Aurélien Bretonnière | Dress : Anne de la Forest | Berber tent : Bero Tents & Events | Flowers : Les Ombelles Fleuristerie | Wedding Planner : La petite nature | Caterer : CK Traiteur | Suit : Confident |Camille’s ring : Myrtille Beck | Bridesmaids’ dresses : Les petites jupes de prune  | Music : DJ Alex | Hair dresser : Cécile Fortune

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