A wedding in Italy

After a marriage proposal under the rain of London, it is under the sun of Italy that Elise and Romain decided to say yes to each other, supported by all their loved ones … Today, they share with us their beautiful day, immortalized by photographer Laurent Brouzet.

“We met by mutual friends during our studies, and after 8 years together, getting married seemed natural, not only for the formalization but also for the pleasure and the desire to reunite our family and closest friends. Romain made his request while we were spending a weekend in London. Everything was perfectly organized without lacking spontaneity, which corresponds quite well to our way of life. And the idea of ​​having a city that has marked our common history and in which we can return makes things all the more special.

The wedding

“The desire to get married in Italy, especially in Liguria, quickly became obvious because I have family there and that’s where we spent our first vacation together before returning several times. We are come from Bretagne but we are in love with Italy, and especially with its culinary culture, we were not against the certainty of spending the day under the sun.

Regarding the wedding we wanted it to be relatively intimate (no more than 100 guests) in order to create a friendly and warm atmosphere, with a prolonged aperitif to avoid a sitting meal too long, and that it can take place entirely in outside. Moreover, the musical atmosphere very present from 18h, mixing Italian music and music in the spirit of the time was for us very important.”

“From the religious ceremony that took place in a church facing the sea, to the dance, to the perfect and moving speeches we had, everything was as perfectly as we imagined.

It should be noted that we were able to count on the invaluable help of the service providers to whom we had appealed but also of our family and in particular of my cousin living on the spot which was for us an indispensable relay. Indeed, we had only a week stay in March before the wedding to visit the place (already booked), meet the caterer and the priest. Everything else was done by mail and phone, and in the week before the wedding. Fortunately my parents and our witnesses had also arrived earlier because without them everything would have been a bit more complicated. “

Our photographer

The choice of the photographer was essential to us because finally if it is not memories, the only thing that remains are the photos. And after echoing some failed albums of friends’ weddings, we decided to take our time and pick someone whose job would talk to us.

After a few hours spent flipping Instagram, the work of Laurent Brouzet immediately spoke to us. And the viewing of his blog has reinforced our choice: he could transcribe the moods of each marriage and the personality of the lovers while keeping his own style.

We were lucky he was available and we can say that of all the people we could call he is the one we are most excited about.With a special mention to his very nice personality (he was appreciated by all and knew how to mingle with the guests) and reassuring that could calm me especially when I saw a cup of cappuccino spilling on my dress just before the Church !”


“Limit the number of guests to deeply enjoy the presence of each one of them without spoiling the day and the evening.We only get married once (or at least we hope so) and it would be a shame not to enjoy of all the efforts made during the months to make it a superb moment.
We both experienced this moment fully stress free and apprehensive thanks in large part to all those present with whom we were just comfortable.
Take the photographer also for photos of the evening, the rendering is really nice and changes the usual photos! “

The adresses

Wedding gown : Cymbeline | Wedding shoes : BA&SH | Haircut : Cristian Castigliola IMPERIA | Flowers : Imperia Fiorita | Suit : Atelier Coqlico Rennes | Groom shoes : Grenson | Stationery : Atelier Rosemood | Photographer : Laurent Brouzet | DJ : Maïssa Chahed | Catering : Salvo Cacciatori

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