A wedding under the rain in the mountains

I think that if there is a subject that angers the bride and groom, it’s the weather. And again today, proof is that despite the rain, this day will be unforgettable and wonderful. Ornella and Grégoire share with us the images and the story of their pastel wedding in the mountains photographed by Ingrid Lepan

“It’s been four years since Gregoire and I met through mutual friends, and after a romantic proposal in Barcelona we had to take things in hand to organize this day.

I work for 4 years as a wedding planner so I was a little apprehensive to organize my own day! Things are much less limpid when it comes to oneself! Luckily Gregoire and I had the same desire for this day: something simple and friendly to offer a nice evening to our friends and family. “

“We first set our sights on an estate near Lyon where we live to finally change our plans after the discovery of the Domaine du Baron in Montriond on the edge of a lake.It was love at first sight for the place and we were lucky, because a couple postponed its wedding the day I called to check availability! All the signs were together and we finally changed everything to get married in the mountains! “

“Thanks to my work, I have the chance to meet a lot of talented wedding professionals, so I knew early that I wanted to be surrounded with providers with whom I used to work and in whom I had absolute confidence!
Gregoire being very creative we could quickly separate the spots and start thinking about our wedding. All this was done quite serenely!
I can not thank enough Antoinette of Fleur de Fées for her work and kindness throughout this organization, she was a great help!

So we spent 3 days in Montriond before the wedding to get into the swing of thing and I advise everyone to take these times pre and/or post wedding that allow to enjoy the family and friends in a rather exhilarating atmosphere! We love the eves of weddings or everyone is a little excited thinking about the next day! These moments are precious. “

Your best memory

“The memories are numerous and all unforgettable and despite the rain storm that fell on us during the photos of couples (Thanks to Ingrid and Ali who have done everything to make this moment pleasant despite the constraints crazy enough!).
On this subject, it is necessary, and I know that it is hard, to relativize concerning the rain: I anguished for weeks telling me that our wedding was going to be ruined by the rain and all this energy spent without having any power on the result ! Once it rained as advertised, we realized that it was not so bad and none of our guests suffered of that. The lake was immersed in an impressive fog that created a pretty magical movie atmosphere!

Another memory would be the entry into the church which, despite the clichés, is a crazy moment where all the stress falls once arrived at the altar !

The surprises of our friends and families are part of those moments when we realize the mobilization of people for our wedding and it is sincerely touching!

Finally the entrance into the diner room was our big fear (we are not great dancers!) And we dreaded a moment that was finally one of the most moving! Seeing everyone getting up and dancing is very heady and sets the tone of the evening!

Finally we extended the wedding with a brunch the next day around a tartiflette and under an extraordinary sun! “

An advice for other couples

“To finish a tip that I would give to the bride and groom would might be to not hesitate to trust the providers, friends and family to delegate the installation and coordination work of the day.
We were lucky to have Liza, my cousin and our great witnesses to relieve us of the coordination of some things during the evening and it was a pleasure to enjoy it without seeing anything small misfires! “


Dress:  Modèle  EDEN de Jenny Packham | Accessories : Jenny Packham and La Chambre Blanche | Suit : The Kooples | Photographer : Ingrid Lepan | Video : Ali for Trèfle Studio | Flowers : Antoinette FLEURS de Fee  | Venue : Domaine du Baron, Lac de Montriond  | Caterer : Serge Magner Lyon | Make-up and Hair: Emilie et Clémence de AM2012 | WP: Myself with the precious help of Liza during the D-Day : DAYLOVE | DJ: Thibault Ruchon, a friend | Musicians : Myla Duo | Stationnery : designing by the groom and printing by PixelandPaper à Lyon | Signs and Calligraphy  : Jonas, a talented friend of  Grégoire : Judahwasgood | Animations: Tcheez Box

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